Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition – The New Benchmark in Precision Match Ammunition

Eagle Eye .223 REM 69gr HPBT
Eagle Eye .223 REM 69gr HPBT
Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition
Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- For decades the gold standard in precision match ammunition has been the hand load. Meticulous attention to detail, resizing  cases, cleaning burrs in the flash hole or weighing out every powder dump are a handful of the steps often taken by hand loaders in pursuit of the most accurate ammunition possible.

The question we invariably have to ask ourselves is: “Why are we, as shooters, forced to hand load to obtain consistent accurate ammunition that does not vary wildly from lot to lot?”

With other industries now able to precisely manufacture products down to the nano and below, isn’t it about time our ammunition got more consistent?

“When shooters are forced to check weights and dimensions of components and cartridges the ammunition manufacturer has ostensibly outsourced the job of a quality control inspector to the consumer” says Justin Brown, PhD , the CEO of Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition.

Eagle Eye .308 WIN 175GR HPBT
Eagle Eye .308 WIN 175GR HPBT

A statistician with considerable expertise in process engineering and quality systems, Dr. Brown notes that “although there have been some advances in bullet design in recent years, the manufacturing equipment, quality systems and process control methods have gone relatively unchanged since before World War II.” Dr. Brown and the team at Eagle Eye Precision believe there is room for improvement.

A number of the world’s best shooters such as Kelly Bachand of the US Palma Team and Glenn Dubis, the holder of 5 world records and a 4 time Olympian, agree and have joined the Eagle Eye Precision Shooting Team.

Eagle Eye Precision was founded to provide the highest quality and most accurate ammunition available. Every lot of Eagle Eye Precision ammunition is factory tested to ½ minute of angle or better; a standard that is all the more impressive when considering Eagle Eye Precision uses real rifles and not test barrels bolted to a bench. The company slogan, “Consistency is Accuracy” is a self-evident truth any shooter can attest to.

Holger Kamin, MBA, CMO at Eagle Eye Precision and former Lapua executive explains, “If I go to any store in the country and buy a can of Coke it tastes the same every time or if I pick up any iPhone it performs the same as every other one.

I don’t have to worry about getting a bad can of coke or one iPhone being slower than the one in the box behind it. Shooters should not have to worry about one lot of ammunition shooting different from the next. With Eagle Eye Precision ammunition, shooters can pick up a box of our match on any shelf in any store and know it can shoot ½ minute of angle or better. Consistency is Accuracy” explains Kamin.

The ½ minute of angle factory test guarantee sets a new benchmark for precision match ammunition; however, simply producing accurate ammunition was not enough for Eagle Eye Precision. A special blend of brass with zero traces of impurities such as tin and bismuth combined with proprietary heat treating and forming processes produce some of the most consistent and long lasting cases available, offering shooters 10+ reloads.

Eagle Eye Precision is also setting new benchmarks with their 175 grain HPBT match bullet which offers unparalleled accuracy even at the longest distances while incorporating a wider meplat (hollow point) with a unique brass composition to vastly improve terminal ballistics over traditional match bullets. Additionally, the ogive design provides a bearing surface which helps reduce seating depth sensitivity problems endemic in other bullet designs; especially hybrid ogive bullets.

To learn more and experience the new benchmark in precision match ammunition visit www.EagleEyeAmmo.com

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