Field Dress Safe and Clean with Big Game Gut Gloves by Uncle Freddie’s

Uncle Freddie's Big Game Gut Gloves
Uncle Freddie’s Big Game Gut Gloves
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Traverse City, MI -( Whether you are field dressing a wild hog and want to protect against potentially dangerous disease or just unzipping a deer and want to do the job effectively while staying clean, the new Big Game Gut Glove by Uncle Freddie’s is a product hunters have been needing and awaiting.

For most hunting items, whether you shop online or at one of the big box sporting goods stores, there is a large variety of products and options to choose from. This is not the case, however, for all aspects of field dressing. Knives and saws are plentiful, but what about keeping your hands and arms clean and safe? Finally, hunters have the first custom-designed product to take care of this age-old problem-the reusable Big Game Gut Glove.

Many hunters do their field dressing barehanded since there have been no good options. That changed with the introduction of the Big Game Gut Glove. No more messy clothes. No more smelly hands and arms. No more risk of cutting yourself or getting sick from blood-borne diseases. Big Game Gut Glove takes the worry out of field dressing.

Designed by hunters, these reusable gloves are made from tough synthetic rubber for added protection from bones and errant knife and saw cuts. Big Game Gut Glove allows a hunter to work more quickly and firmly with less fear of accidental cuts during field dressing. The synthetic rubber also avoids the risk of latex allergies found in common medical-type gloves often used for field dressing. An anti-microbial cotton liner is permanently attached to the inside of the glove, providing extra comfort and warmth.

Big Game Gut Glove by Uncle Freddie’s provides a liquid-proof barrier during field dressing, protecting a hunter and his or her clothes from stains and blood-borne diseases. Blood-borne diseases contracted from field dressing can be serious and include tuberculosis, unknown viruses, and bacterial infections. Big Game Gut Glove greatly reduces the risk.

These gloves are extra long-26 inches in length-and they come with a self-tightening shoulder grip to keep the gloves from slipping down your sleeve. A special proprietary gripping surface on the palm and fingers of the gloves gives unparalleled security when holding a knife or saw. A hunter can cut and saw with confidence.

The gloves can be easily washed and dried for years of use. No more “one-and-done” field dressing gloves. This also helps protect the environment from discarded one-use gloves. The cost savings of multiple-use gloves will really add up over time.

Besides field dressing, these tough gloves have endless potential uses including general cleaning, fishing (Big Game Gut Glove has great grip for holding your catch and cleaning it), protection from caustic chemicals, and many others.

Big Game Gut Glove comes in five sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. A sizing chart online shows how to measure your hand at the fullest part just below the knuckles to find the perfect-fitting Big Game Gut Glove. Other field dressing gloves on the market come in just one size. Tight gloves inhibit your movement while working. Loose gloves make it tough to firmly hold a knife. Either way, improperly sized gloves make the job much tougher.

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7 years ago

Do we also need a full CBR suit, filter mask and chlorine scrub? Damn Obola deer!