High Caliber Gifts Brings Tradition of Christmas Guns to New Level

Christmas Santa Henry Rifle
Santa is laying a rifle under the tree in this engraved receiver. There’s nothing better than finding the gift of an heirloom rifle under the tree.
High Caliber Gifts
High Caliber Gifts

Aiken, SC –-(Ammoland.com)- For centuries, the gift of a special firearm has been a Christmas tradition that provides life-long memories for giver and recipient.

With the theme of “Where Heirlooms Begin”, High Caliber Gifts, LTD helps bring the gift of a firearm to a whole new level by offering custom engraving and personalized serial numbers for Christmas and other special occasions.

“We can’t compete with the gift of a rifle or shotgun that belonged to Dad or Granddad and we would never try,” commented Bob Delfay, founder of High Caliber Gifts and a 45-year veteran of the firearms industry. “But if someone is considering the gift of a brand new gun as a Christmas gift, we can help create a special firearm that is sure to become a family heirloom.”

“We have created a one-of-a-kind gun for a Grandfather to present to his first grandchild as well as a themed edition of 22 guns for a proud employer to present to all of his employees,” Delfay said. “It is truly enjoyable and gratifying to work with firearms enthusiasts to help create future heirlooms.”

While each gun is a custom creation, High Caliber Gifts offers some suggested engraving designs and inscriptions to help with the design process and to reduce the cost. One option features a gold-engraved Santa placing a wrapped firearm under the Christmas tree. Another shows a young boy or girl opening the gift. For the more traditionally minded, there is the option of a brass oval engraved with a special message and inlayed in the stock of the firearm.

Another unique feature of the High Caliber Gifts is the opportunity to personalize the serial number of the firearm to fit the occasion. For Christmas, a personalized serial number option might be “FORJIM122514” or “RTD25DEC2014”. Personalized serial numbers must be ordered by October 24, 2014.

Prices range from $495.00 for a Henry “Golden Boy” .22 with a special serial number but no engraving to $925.00 for a Henry “Big Boy” high caliber rifle with a special serial number and engraved oval plate.

Options are detailed at www.HighCaliberGifts.com.

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I’m just trying to figure out how do do this ! On the 4473 you have to check that you are the actual purchaser and the firearm is for you ! How do you give it as a gift w/o it being a straw purchase ? I know this is ridiculous and I’m not trying to be the X-mas srooge but explain !