LWRC International Promotes Jeff Clemmer to Vice President of Product Development

LWRC Tactical Training Division
LWRC Tactical Training Division

Cambridge, MD – -(Ammoland.com)- LWRC International announces the promotion of Jeff Clemmer to Vice President of Product Development.

In his new role Mr. Clemmer will manage product development for the company’s high-end rifle line working closely with engineering, sales and marketing.

Clemmer, a noted firearms expert, has been with LWRCI since 2008 in a variety of key roles throughout the organization.

Most notable- working with engineers on product development;  with purchasing and manufacturing conducting market analysis and research on machinery, parts, accessories and special coatings; and marketing representing the company to industry media and as lead product specialist creating product and company collateral.

“Jeff Clemmer has played a mulit-faceted crucial role and has been a great ambassador for LWRCI,” said David Ridley, Senior VP Sales & Marketing.

This is a deserved promotion and we are confident Jeff will ensure continued delivery of the innovation, high performance and quality attributes the LWRCI brand is known for”.

Jeff Clemmer
Jeff Clemmer

Prior to joining LWRCI, Jeff spent 15 years as a field biologist for the US Forest Service in Idaho, Montana and Alaska including restoration efforts on the Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill.

Mr. Clemmer is an active member of the National Rifle Association, Ducks Unlimited and  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  He is an avid shooter, gun collector and historian.

About LWRC International
LWRC International is a high performance firearms manufacturer based in Cambridge, Maryland whose mission is to deliver absolute reliability, consistent accuracy and extreme durability in its products.  Through innovative design, disciplined engineering and cutting edge manufacturing processes and materials technologies, LWRCI products are built to perform and exceed end users expectations.

For more information log onto www.lwrci.com or call 410-901-1348.

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Clemmer is the old owner’s son or nephew or something. He lives in Australia and visits the company for a few weeks out of the year and then goes on vacation on his yacht made out of other crappy yachts that have been crushed up and glued together to make one horribly awesome super yacht. Yaaay! Let’s have a round of applause, the wealthy retired owner’s relative just got more wealthy for doing nothing other than having an exceptional beard…yaaay…