MEALSPEC Announces As A New Dealer

MEALSPEC Announces As A New Dealer

Jacksonville, FL--( MealSpec who will soon to be the leading manufacture of flameless meal heaters, is proud to announce they have a new dealer, Camping Survival.

MealSpec’s extensive passion for military and emergency food heating supplies have created one of the most reliable flameless meal heater available and isto expanding its market across the country.

Since the beginning of 2002, Camping Survival has provide quality camping and preparedness items to a multitude of satisfied customers. Survivalist, campers, or people just wanting to be ready can find a variety of products on the website including MEALSPEC’s Heater bags. Camping Survival’s goal is to offer quality products, with superior customer service. Camping Survival’s values appealed to MEALSPEC and are honored to have them as a dealer.

The owner of the store is Tom Sciacca, a former Marine and avid outdoorsmen. Many of the products that a customer will find on are researched personally by Tom. MEALSPEC was proud to pass his inspection and look forward to building a close relationship with Tom and Camping Survival.

To purchase MEALSPEC through Camping Survival please visit

If you are interested in becoming a dealer of MEALSPEC products, please email [email protected]

MEALSPEC MRE Heater Specifications:

  • Activation time at 12 seconds
  • Run Time up to 12 minutes
  • Medial Temperature: 180 degrees
  • Peak Temperature: 220 degrees
  • Shelf life of 5 years
  • Zero failure report

About CAMPINGSURVIVAL: is an online store that provides not only camping and survival equipment but a great buying experience for all customers. The products available on the site range from belt buckles to full emergency kits and opened in 2002 by Tom Sciacca, a former marine and avid outdoorsman. Camping Survival’s is located in New York and their customer service phone number is (800) 537-1339. For more information visit

About MEALSPEC: MEALSPEC soon to be the leading manufacturer in the flameless heater industry. MEALSPEC™ produces a state of the art meal heater that reaches 220 degrees in 12 seconds. MEALSPEC™ is patent pending in the US and Abroad. The product is available to law enforcement, the military, and citizens. For more information visit