Monadnock Introduces the New AutoLock X3 Baton Series

The improved generation of positive locking batons from baton pioneer – Monadnock

Monadnock Autolock X3 Baton Series
Monadnock Autolock X3 Baton Series

Jacksonville, FL -( Monadnock announced today that it has released the new AutoLock X3 baton, the next generation of the popular AutoLock baton series.

The original AutoLock expandable baton was the first of its kind to offer positive-locking technology with a push button closure. This newest series of positive locking batons includes an updated cam and stainless steel ball bearing, providing a reliably consistent locking action and a solid feel in the hand when deployed.

The AutoLock X3 features a new smooth plastic nose on the baton handle for more efficient holstering and transitioning from the holster to the hand.

“Officer Safety is always the foremost consideration during our baton design process,” said Craig Starrett, Category Director for Monadnock. “So, we’ve incorporated feedback from some of our highly experienced Master Monadnock instructors and end users to improve our most popular design, while retaining the features and the quality expected from a Monadnock AutoLock baton.”

The AutoLock X3 baton is equipped with a new blackened electroless nickel finish that improves corrosion resistance on both the inside and outside of the baton. Available with a variety of options, these models can be purchased with either a smooth foam or fluted Super Grip handle, which offers excellent tear strength, and a choice of the Safety Tip, 3XT Tactical Targeting Tip, or the Power Safety Tip. Engineered to turn a subject’s pockets inside out while reducing the risk of the user getting stuck with sharp objects, the Power Safety Tip also offers a weight-forward balance.

Additionally, the AutoLock X3 series is offered with Monadnock’s patented Wedge Cap. The Wedge Cap design, with its tapered end cap, provides for enhanced retention and ease of draw. The Wedge Cap can also be purchased separately as an accessory for any AutoLock baton.

The 21” and 22” AutoLock X3 positive batons are available now for purchase. Soon to be released in the series are 16”, 18” and 26” length batons.

Model Chart
Model Chart

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Monadnock has manufactured products of the highest quality for law enforcement since 1958. It has a rich heritage of pioneering baton design and development that has revolutionized the way law enforcement professionals operate, train with and purchase batons. Monadnock products are made with the finest materials for state-of-the-art batons and training aids that assist officers in performing their duties. Monadnock is a part of The Safariland Group family of brands.

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