My Remington Rifle Recall Experience

Remington Model Seven Rifle
Remington Model Seven Rifle
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( Member Jim Busch sent me this after seeing the update item:

I wanted to provide to you a heads up regarding my experience with the Remington Model 700 & Model Seven rifle recall.

The publicly available Remington online website to enter the serial number did not flag the rifle for recall when I entered the information, nor did it correctly work for Remington Customer Service when I contacted them directly.

I already was aware of the the manufacturing date of the rifle, so it stymied me that the site didn’t recognize such to be subject to recall, and caused me to contact Remington directly, via telephone.

Thankfully, Remington’s internal system flagged my rifle. As such, I would strongly suggest anybody with a smooth trigger to not utilize the website to determine if their Models 7 or 700 are subject to recall, but instead, directly contact a Remington recall CSR at 1-800-243-9700.

Remington takes 10 business days for Remington to ship a box via UPS to one’s door, so that one is able to pack said rifle back to ship to Remington. UPS pickup after contact with Remington, takes an additional 3 business days.

Furthermore, Remington is advising owners that recall repairs are taking 12 weeks.

Remington has stated that they will provide a tool mark on the rifle receiver to indicate that the trigger work was completed.

Remington does not provide a time to ship when repairs are completed, nor the UPS shipping time after leaving the Remington.

To summarize, a recall rifle is estimated to take 14 weeks from time of contact with Remington,to time of completed repair. Shipping return is unknown at this point.  Your experience may vary…

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C Maher

It took a couple of weeks to receive the shipping box. Once It was shipped back to Remington’s repair in North Carolina, it only took 10 days to get it back. I think the long wait advertised by Remington may be a scare tactic..but what do I know? I have not had a chance to check the repair, but the service was a lot quicker than advertised.

Kevin S.

Just got my trigger replaced by Remington at one of their regional Authorized Repair Center (Triton Arms, Max Meadows, VA). It took one week from the time I shipped the gun off until I got it back. The process was very easy. Go online to and complete a Claim (click on the Submit a Claim button on the main homepage). Remington will ship you a box with hard foam insert, custom fit to your rifle. Once you receive the box, you go back to the class action settlement website and click on Request Pickup tab. UPS showed up at… Read more »

Carey Mitchell

My 700 was purchased in 1980. There was never a problem through hundreds of rounds. I lost interest in hunting in the late 80’s and the rifle sat unused until 2015, when I got interested in hunting coyotes. I loaded some ammo and found the scope was still dead on after all that time. On my 3rd hunt, I started to unload the rifle but the safety would not move. I placed both hands around the stock wrist, no fingers inside the trigger guard, and pushed the safety with both thumbs. The rifle fired, fortunately up and downrange. I tried… Read more »

Tim K

Haven’t had to deal with Remington yet but I got a feeling. I was hunting in northern ga with my 700 BDL My wife got me via her dad for xmas last year. He bought it off of a guy at his trap club. While tracking the Buck I shot we saw another buck moving through the area and when I flipped the safety to fire, the gun went off. Scared the bajesus outa me and my cousin( both of us retired military with years of gun handling). Doesn’t sound like sending it to Remington is a good idea, but… Read more »

Scott in PA

I had the recall work done last year. It took 3+ months to get the rifle back. The replacement trigger is horrible. I haven’t measured it, but I estimate the trigger breaks at about 10 pounds. It is incredibly stiff, though not gritty. You have to remove your scope before sending it back to the factory which means a re-install and re-zero when you get it back. I asked about a voucher for a box of ammo for the additional expense caused by their manufacturing error but got nowhere. If I had a do-over, I would have just taken the… Read more »

arthur laurent

from the time i contacted remington about my 700 and got it back repaired was about three weeks. not bad for a trigger repair. i think they are supposed to put a tool mark on the rifle but i have not found it yet. will keep looking or call the 800 number. thanks Remington

James c. walker

I have the same problem I talked to a car an still have not even gotten a box my first Remington an my last I will buy my own trigger an have it installed Jewell is going to be my choice. If I ever buy another Remington rifle it want have a trigger in it .


Shipped my rifle December 1 and it was returned repaired December 17.


The best way to upgrade a 700 is to install a model 70 winchester
Three position safety that locks the firing pin . Not a trigger safety.
Also install a timney or better yet a jewell trigger. Gentry in Montana
Makes the safeties.

Jor Wommack

After reading all the negative comments/reports on Remington’s slow to, delayed/no time given for repair on the Rem 700 trigger malfunctions,I purchased a replacement trigger from Timney triggers, replaced it my self in around 20 minutes. New trigger works (they will set trigger pull for you) I have mine at 2.5 lbs)n the ew trigger is much sweeter than the original.

Timney trigger /$134+ do it yourself,keep your gun home.

Jim Busch

I had to contact Remington a second time after 4 weeks to receive my shipping box. It appears they lost the first service request. In all, it took them 5 weeks for them to get a shipping box to me.

After being shipped out, their turnaround was 4 weeks to ship it back to me. The trigger appears to be in good order.

ron burton

contacted them about my model 7 that was recalled. no box after 2 months. will fix myself, sell gun and never buy a remington again.


Ron,if you have not fixed your gun yet, Timney Triggers has replacements.Takes around 30 mins.double check your new install, I did my, VERY satisfied with it.

The Rifleman

From what I am reading here,with the turn around time being at least three months for repairs, it sounds to me that unless your rifle is still under warranty, you would be way better off taking or sending your rifle to a competent gun smith. My guess is that Remington is horribly understaffed in the repair department. I have three Remington rifles that I purchased in the early 80’s. Thankfully, I’ve never had a problem with any of them. With all of the complaints I’m hearing about Remington, it’s pretty obvious that quality has gone down hill. Both, for the… Read more »

Russ Williams

My experiences with Remington firearms, with the company, and with Remington personnel has been positive, A to Z. I am confident of the Remington firearms I own and have been hunting with Remington on my arm and in my hands since the 1970s without complaint. (My father did have a trigger/safety problem with an older .35 pump deer rifle — the one with the spiral magazine — that i inherited upon his death: the morning it went off when during loading (the same problem he had discovered) was the last day for that gun.) I replaced it with another Remington… Read more »

Bryan Stevens

I’ve got a 700 that I had to send back and it took about 3 months. I like the new trigger and it shoots great. I can’t complain about Remington or their guns. For me they are solid all around.

kent payne

I bought a Remington 870 express shotgun and the finish on it was soo thin it started rusting after the first day of ownership so I just painted it black and made a truck gun out of it

Thomas Weets

I sent my model 700 back it took 3 months to the day to get it back. Some times things like this happen. To me Remington makes a dam fine rifle I have two model 700s and like them both good guns. Will buy more in the future Thanks Remington!!

Dick G

My experience with Remington has been a total disaster. In May I filled out the computer forms and sent them in. On May 22nd I got an email from them saying that I will receive an initial response shortly. May 27th they emailed and said a return box should come shortly. On June 24th I contacted them by email. No box rec’d. Shipping label rec’d showed address from 2 years ago. I was on vacation and didn’t get email till I returned. No idea where that got that address as info on registration was present address. I tried calling customer… Read more »

Charles Woodhead

Never have one hunting rifle!

Old Bench Loader

It distresses me to read about all the mess with Remington. I have two 700s that were built back in the 1990s. Within a couple of years of acquiring them, I personally changed out the factory trigger assemblies with Jewel Triggers. The Jewel is the best way of improving what is otherwise a quality firearm. Completely adjustable and never a safety problem. Some of you may not agree with that and that is your right but now I have two great guns with EVEN BETTER TRIGGERS than the factory units. Wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Michael Lujan

I have a 700 BDL with a jewel bolt the other while hunting I moved my safety to fire and the gun went off by itself so having the jewel bolt is still not safe!

J. Belk

You have two ‘Jewels’ confused a little. The ‘jeweled’ bolt refers to the swirl pattern in the bolt body. A Jewel trigger is made by Mr. Jewel and is a connector-less, over-ride trigger of much higher quality than the Walker which the M700 was originally supplied.

Mike Deaton

I had a Remington Model 700 with an issue with the gun firing when putting the safety on. They wanted to look at mine. Sent me a box, and sent it in to them. They wanted to charge me for the repairs even though it was their fault. They would not fix it and sent it back as red flagged as being dangerous to fire unless repaired. All they did for me was to protect themselves in case someone was killed because of their shoddy work. I will NEVER own another Remington firearm, EVER! They are crooks.


I sent my 700 out on June 12th and got it back July 25th. After the cleaning of the trigger group the trigger pull is MUCH better than before I sent it in for repair.

The Rifleman

This is indeed very sad to hear. I have always had the highest regards for Remington firearms. Unfortunately, it seems that over the past few years now, I’m reading one horror story after another about Remington firearm products, and the great dissatisfaction with Remington’s customer service departments, and particularly in the repair departments. To make matters even worse, the same is now being said about the quality of Marlin firearms since Remington has acquired them. In fact, quality issues have apparently became so bad with Marlin firearms, that people are strongly discouraging the purchase of ANY Marlin rifle unless it… Read more »


So what you are saying is that after paying hundreds for a supposedly premium product, I am supposed to sit around for about 4 months waiting for it to be repaired. Right. No, that’s ok, I’ll buy something else.