Naw…My Vote Doesn’t Count…or Why I Am A Stupid, Lazy Loser

By Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown USAR (Ret.)

Naw...My Vote Doesn’t Count...or Why I Am A Stupid, Lazy Loser
Naw…My Vote Doesn’t Count…or Why I Am A Stupid, Lazy Loser
Soldier of Fortune Magazine
Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Boulder, CO – -( On how many occasions, come election time, do you hear gunnies come up with some inane excuse as to why they are not going to vote? “Oh, my vote doesn’t count,” they snivel.

“The politicians will do whatever they damn please. A pox on both houses.”

Well, SOFers, if that was the case, why do all the left-wing, bottom feeders swarm to the ballot box? Because they know that voting Democratic will ensure they get their share of slop at the public trough.

Or I should say, filtching dollars out of your and my wallet? Keep in mind, George W. Bush only beat fat boy Gore by some 300-odd votes in Florida, in 2004, which saved our guns – for another eight years. (Clarification: I certainly was not impressed when George W. said he would sign a renewal of the 1994 assault rifle ban if Congress passed it.)

Bringing it closer to home and more current, in the Colorado recall election last year, in which SOF played a minor role, the pro-gun candidate that defeated the ultra-anti-gun state senator who honchoed the 30-round magazine ban only won by 300- some votes. Bringing it even closer to home, SOF’s Gun Rights Editor, Paul Danish, lost a race for the Colorado Assembly by four votes several election cycles ago.

The National Rifle Association’s“TRIGGER THE VOTE” campaign, promoted by NRA stalwart Chuck Norris, wasn’t put together to waste time and money. Also, Norris, who didn’t get paid for the endorsement, has plenty of fish to fry without having to front for such PR For those who haven’t had an opportu- nity to see what “TRIGGER THE VOTE” is all about, check out the SOF website… Basically, Norris provides 10 reasons to register to vote.

The number one reason, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, reads, “With one hand, I can crush coal into a diamond. With yours, you can protect your rights!”

That basically says it all. If you can’t figure that out, you belong in a FEMA camp somewhere.

While speaking of the NRA, I know that a number of you who are reading this may have some imaginary or valid complaint with the NRA. I’ve been on the NRA Board of Directors for 30 years and I have had butted heads with various individuals in the power structure. But look, the NRA has had warts, has warts, and always will have warts, as does any large organization.

Think the U.S. Army. It’s composed of humans with individual frailties…some large, some small. But the bottom, bottom line is, no matter what the NRA’s critics and naysayers say, like Dudley “Doofus” Brown (no relation, please!), the NRA is the only thing that stands between gunnies and gun confiscation.

The anti-gunnies preach “No More Gun Violence” and “Common Sense Gun Legislation,” which are simply dishonest ploys to bamboozle the masses of “sheeple” by concealing their ultimate objective, is a gun-less society in which the individual is at the mercy of an all powerful, oppressive state.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “Those who beat their arm into plows will plow for those who don’t.”

I have no doubt that if Jefferson were around today, he would be standing arm-in-arm with Chuck Norris, the NRA and, of course, SOF. Get off your lazy ass and vote…save your guns…join the NRA! God bless and pray for the Republic!

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@ Darren – I see your point(s) however NOT voting is NOT the answer, granted you have to choose between the least of two evils. However, we still have the RIGHT to vote. I won’t go as far as Clarance – but boy do I agree with the sentiment… it is WE THE PEOPLE that let it come to this, we the people that didn’t get involved at the local level to get “decent” people in the Senate and Congress (US and State) – we let “them” gradually “turn up the heat” – WE did little or nothing, until it… Read more »


Mr Brown is absolutely right. And all you whiners crying “I won’t vote, I am not going to be part of this evil system” GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA! If you can’t be bothered to participate in our Republic we don’t need your freeloading asses and you are just as bad as the mindless Dem voters.


So tell me Mr. Brown….how are we better for voting ? In 2000 the ELECTED Philander-in-Chief Bill Clinton signed the greatest transfer-of-wealth legislation ever written, HR 4444. Voted for and given to Bill by an ELECTED, Republican-controlled Congress. HR 4444 would have the good ol’ USA now allow the Commie Chinese to bring products into the USA tariff free. USA manufacturing in less than 15 years, has disappeared. We no longer manufacture anything for American consumption. Our nation, what’s left of it, borrows money from the Commie Chinese to buy Commie Chinese products. Our wonderful military can’t prosecute our wars… Read more »


Recon6, I’m far from someone who does nothing. The first rule is do no harm. We all want to do something. All to many take the easy way out & rationalize voting as doing something or doing their duty & that’s it, that’s all they do. They then do as you mentioned follow the lead of those in power. After all, President Bonehead & the congress of clowns were democratically elected, the people have spoken, you know? By participating in the farce that fools people into allowing themselves to be ruled you do great harm. An elected dictatorship is still… Read more »


Re: ‘Slopping at the public trough’ – We’ve evolved from Rome’s ‘panem et circusenses’ (i.e. ‘bread and circuses’) to the Democrat’s ‘food stamps and football’. In other words, nothing changes and if it does it’s worse. That explains the popularity of the status quo.

Recon 6

And exactly how does Not Voting change the dynamic? Would seem that since we are being manipulated regardless, that not voting would also equate to ‘following’ the lead of those in power, no? While it may not be the perfect voice, the NRA remains One voice we can follow in some degree… the alternative as you posit is to do Nothing? ….6


Don’t pay attention to the people that advocate gun control, shill for the police state at home, & support an empire abroad. Yes I’m talking about the NRA, the enemy of liberty. Don’t vote, don’t support the govt. The fact that we are allowed to choose our dictators doesn’t make us any freer. It merely gives voters the feeling of power and the illusion of control. All the while they are being manipulated into supporting a government that implements policies detrimental to their well being. What better way is there to get people to follow the law and pay taxes… Read more »

Lt.Col. Robert K. Brown



getting slop at the trough through voting is one thing, but to quote The Eagles “when you’re looking for your freedom nobody seems to care.” That is, the establishment is generally happy to dispense handouts, but I’d say they’re much more reluctant to back off of power, thus the individual vote is less effectual in obtaining conservative and/or libertarian goals.