National Rifle Association Launches 2nd Round of Ads in Anti-Bloomberg Campaign

Powerful Ad Features Violent Crime Survivor Calling Out Bloomberg Hypocrisy.

Kim Weeks
Kim Weeks

Charlotte, NC –-(  The National Rifle Association today launched the second round of advertising in a national campaign aimed at exposing Michael Bloomberg’s anti-freedom agenda.

The second ad of the “Meet the Real Michael Bloomberg” campaign is a powerful to-camera ad titled “Kim” and features violent crime survivor Kimberly Weeks speaking directly to Michael Bloomberg. The “Kim” ad is part of a $2 million plus national advertising campaign and will air on television stations across America.

“Kimberly has a powerful personal message that effectively exposes the lies and hypocrisy of Bloomberg’s $50 million campaign aimed at taking away Americans’ Second Amendment rights,” said NRA spokesman Jennifer Baker. “To Michael Bloomberg this may be just a pet project to satisfy his enormous ego and control the lives of everyone around him, but to ordinary American citizens it has a very dangerous impact.”

As a college student, Kimberly was brutally attacked in her apartment. She was overpowered and defenseless against her attacker. After her horrific experience, Kimberly got her concealed carry permit for self defense. When Kimberly was assaulted, she had to plead with her attacker to spare her life during her harrowing ordeal. Later, when testifying before the Colorado legislature, she pled with lawmakers, who were considering legislation to ban concealed carry on college campuses, not to strip her of the right to carry on her college campus. She didn’t want to be left defenseless again. In this powerful NRA ad, Kimberly stands up to Michael Bloomberg and his gun control efforts.

She calls out Michael Bloomberg on his hypocrisy and says, “Mr. Bloomberg you do not have the right to tell me how to defend myself.”

“The men and women of the NRA will not allow Michael Bloomberg to use lies and millions of dollars in deceptive advertising to impose his extreme anti-freedom agenda on the American people. Our effort will expose Bloomberg as an arrogant hypocrite who wants to take away our rights. In this ad we are giving a voice to those who will be harmed by his agenda,” concluded Baker.

  • To view “Kim” go to:
  • To learn more about Kim’s story go to:

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Richard Cutie

Mr. Bloomberg would not leave his closet without armed security as with most the other anti gun people with power. Its sad that Rich people really think they are more important then my family are myself. Shoot he doesn’t want you to drink a coke. Power hungry little man syndrome.


I find the comments from Kim reasonable and based on facts, not emotion, She is in touch with a horrible reality. She has my respect and admiration. We must take responsibility for ourselves, or lose everything that is important to us.

ray hampton

we need a group of women that will stand up to the anti-gun crowd but with a name that nobody will FORGET