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Make Ready with Mike Lamb - Intro to Shotguns
Make Ready with Mike Lamb – Intro to Shotguns
Panteao Productions
Panteao Productions

Columbia, SC -( Panteao introduces the first in a series of instructional videos with Mike Lamb from Stoic Ventures: Make Ready with Mike Lamb: Intro to Shotgun.

The shotgun is the most underestimated and least considered tool that you have available for self-defense. While carbines are tacti-cool to use and accessorize, the shotgun gets the job done all day, every day. In this video Mike Lamb walks you through the use of the shotgun covering ammo selection, patterning, recoil mitigation, loading, equipment selection, barrel dynamics, and more.

Mike is a former Marine serving in both the enlisted and commissioned ranks. Mike served as a Force Recon Marine as well as in some of the government’s top intelligence agencies around the world. After sustaining injuries Mike was medically retired from the Marine Corps after 13 years of service. Mike has taken his experiences in the government as well as private sector and formed Stoic Ventures to help streamline the community and dedicated training toward helping the “Good Guys” become better prepared for the worst.

With this video, you will come away with a much better understanding of the shotgun for self-defense applications and maybe even set aside that carbine for a shotgun.

The DVD is available now for order. Panteao Subscribers can also watch the video online.

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Panteao produces firearms training videos, documentaries, industrials, and a television show called Make Ready TV. For more information about Panteao, visit

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Mike lamb….. not a recon marine……. Please check your instructors credentials versus their Wannabe bravado.

Kelso Horne

Still having trouble with password. Tina attempted to get it straight, but you were in the midst of changing the web site (?) and it didn’t work. Subscriber for several years. Never been able to sign on. My day doesn’t match your day. You have collected per subscription, I have never been able to access. Would like assistance to clean this up. Understand you’re not available when I have time to connect, but cooperation would be appreciated. Please check my payment history and note the total paid to date – can this be credited to purchase of product, since it’s… Read more »