Portion of Connecticut River Confiscated by CT Yankee Atomic Power Company

CT Yankee Atomic Power Company blocked access to this one-mile long navigable waterway.
CT Yankee Atomic Power Company blocked access to this one-mile long navigable waterway.
Coalition Of Connecticut Sportsmen
Coalition Of Connecticut Sportsmen

Connecticut – -(Ammoland.com)- Sportsmen – behind that floating barrier was once one of your favorite wildlife areas along the CT River in Haddam.

Recently, CT Yankee Atomic Power Company (CY) blocked access to this one-mile long navigable waterway.

The company did so without warning or even a permit, claiming that the federal government required them to barricade access to comply with regulatory requirements.

The truth is CY’s claim just doesn’t hold water.  
CY justified closing the waterway to state officials saying that a boater or fisherman shot at a security guard at a nuclear power plant in Tennessee, and to protect CY’s guards, the canal had to be closed.

Only problem is that CY failed to tell state officials that the alleged shooting, like all other reported shootings at nuclear power facilities in the past, could well be just another fake report, where guards fabricated stories to cover their own misbehavior.

CY even stated they would consider blocking access to Salmon River Cove to protect their guards!!!  Protect them from YOU!  Can you believe that????

Norb Heil of CT BASS Nation nailed it when he said “If the federal government forced CY to put up this barrier, who am I to protest?  But if the feds didn’t, then CY confiscated a one-mile stretch of the Connecticut River, property belonging to the people of the United States – that’s wrong, very wrong.”

Well guess what?  The federal government did not require or authorize the closing of the canal…CY did it on its own. It has been reported that the company put up the barrier because we sportsmen were an insurance liability, and because we were becoming a nuisance, littering, and carrying ‘contraband’.

If this gets you angry, join the crowd.  We want CY to remove the ugly barrier.  CY has stonewalled criticism and will keep this barrier up, blocking a public navigable waterway, unless you protest, and do it loudly!

Do you want to help?  Do you want to help recover another stolen liberty that our servicemen and servicewomen fought and died to protect? Click here for more info and to sign the petition to ‘Take Down the Boom’ and let the Governor and DEEP Commissioner know that the river belongs to you, not some big corporation!

About Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen:
The Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen is the only state sportsmen’s organization singularly dedicated to the protection, promotion and preservation of hunting, fishing, trapping and the scientific wildlife management programs which support them; Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional provisions; Boating; Land use; and other sportsmen associated issues through legislative lobbying, legal defense in the courts, and political action. No other state sportsmen organization has as its sole purpose these activities. The Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen takes pride in its unsurpassed achievement and service to all of the Connecticut sportsmen’s community. Visit: www.ctsportsmen.com

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Next thing you know they will want to close off the river to people and sportsmen all the way around, if they are allowed to do this, and take away this one area then whats to stop them from shutting down the entire river to sportsmen.