Shooting in Canada, More ‘Workplace Violence’

By John Farnam

Vandalism on a war memorial in Canada. (Photo source: CTV — Sean MacInnes)
Vandal Desecrates Canadian War Memorial on Veterans’ Day: ‘Canada Will Burn Praise Allah’ (Photo source: CTV — Sean MacInnes)
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Our “media,” less than a day following an attack on the Canadian capitol by yet another Islamic extremist, has already begun to rewrite history, based on their sluttish leftist agenda.

Once more, they are doing their best to absolve Islam and ISIS of all guilt, and all connection.

We are now to believe a “mental case” committed this crime. Just one more example of purely spontaneous “workplace violence,” I’m sure!

The truth is that this Violent Criminal Actor was clearly motivated by radical Muslim ideology, freely preached and plotted in mosques, there and here, with not the slightest interference from either of our governments.

At the War Memorial. Each of two uniformed guards carried a fully-functional black rifle, but there was no ammunition anywhere near them. We’re told, with a straight face, rifles are kept and carried unloaded, so they won’ t “go off” (all by themselves, I’m sure) during daily routines. The Canadian government obviously has the same condescending contempt for their own people, and for their joke small-arms training, that our current Administration does!

A local Canadian Police Chief assured all that he “… promises to protect our soldiers,” but, of course they will never be allowed to protect themselves. Yet, he didn’t do such a good job protecting the one who was murdered. Did he?

I fear Canadians are currently paying the price for this dress-rehearsal of what is coming here. ISIS is obviously fully capable of keeping its promises. We aren’t!

In the West, I’m convinced we have lost our minds. We’ve certainly lost our way!

“The business of intelligence is connecting dots. The Art of Intelligence is clearly seeing where the dots are going!” ~ Intelligence Axiom

As a civilization, we’re no longer able, nor willing, to clearly see anything!


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