Son Shoots, Kills Home Invader while Mom Cooks Breakfast

By AWR Hawkins

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Son Shoots, Kills Home Invader while Mom Cooks Breakfast
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Washington DC – -(  On October 3 2014, at about 4:30 a.m., a man opened fire on armed home invaders who forced their way into the family’s house while the mother was cooking breakfast. reports that the son was in his bedroom when he heard a commotion. He grabbed his gun and was walking toward the noise when he heard his mother beg the home invaders not to hurt her daughters.

That’s when the son confronted the invaders and opened fire.

One of the three suspects fired back before fleeing, the second suspect simply fled, and the remaining suspect died from the bullet the son fired at him.

Eight family members were in the home at the time of the incident, and police say none of them were injured.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office released scant information on the two suspects who are still at large. They did say that the suspects were speaking Spanish as they communicated with one another in the home.

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Since this occured in Texas (which borders Mexico, I’m pointing this out for uneducated James) and the vast majority of Spanish speaking people in this country are from Mexico, it is very likely the criminals are Mexican nationals. Don’t agree, go ask the Houston PD where hey believe the criminals are from and where they’re headed – Mexico.


Mexican isn’t a race, it’s a naionallity.


The article did not mention Mexican nationals. It just read speaking Spanish as they communicated with one another in the home. Read first before you cast a stone (You dumbass racist diseased infested commenters on Mexicans). The human race is screwed if you already had not noticed what is happening to the rest of the world. Idiots.

The One

Hot lead justice! Imagine a different headline if there were no firearms in the home? Good thing this kid was armed. Oblamer wants you defenseless. He wants you to be raped by thugs and
die from ebola. Remember in November. Make this clownish F*ck a lame duck!!!


By the way moron, Mexican is a persons nationality, not race. You can be Mexican and be white, black, asian or any other race.


Tex is right. Mexican criminals enter the USA illegally and commit crimes here. Then run back to Mexico to avoid being caught. Another reason why all illegal immigrants should be sent back to where they came from. I agree, to bad all three weren’t killed. @Ucan2 LOL. What does Texas at one time being part of Mexico have to do with anything? You’re the moron and the wannabe tough guy.


F u tex has nothing to do with race glad to see that only the bad guys got hurt. Race’s ass tex Ps Texas was part of Mexico moron. Internet tough guy


Well at least the only one that was put down was the bad guy, to bad the the son did not get the other two that way he would have been 3 for 3 and the sheriff would have had all of them in one sock.


Them wetback mexicans commit crimes in Texas and then run back to mexico ! Its a shame this kid didn’t kill all three of them mexicans but he got one ! I’m damn glad the kid had a firearm !