‘The Blue Tent Sky’ the Brian Aitken Story, Hits Shelves Today


The Blue Tent Sky
The Blue Tent Sky
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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- “The Blue Tent Sky” , former NJ resident and victim of NJ’s draconian and highly unconstitutional gun laws hits bookshelves today.

“The Blue Tent Sky”  tells the searing, gut wrenching story of Brian Aitken, the former NJ resident who was shanghaied into state prison, and was barred from seeing his own child, for the “crime” of allegedly violating the State of NJ’s notoriously oppressive gun laws.

Railroaded every step of the way, by Police Officers, one Attorney and an anti-gun Judge.

Police that have universally adopted the “make the arrest and let the Courts sort it out mindset” when it comes to guns in NJ. At least one ambivalent attorney that Brian describes as seemingly being more interested in negotiating a plea and collecting his fee than in actually defending a truly innocent man. To an ideologically driven Judge who outrageously decided to refuse to instruct the trial jury on the exemptions to the State’s laws. Laws that Brian had verified with the State Police, was entitled to the protection of and would have, in juror’s own words, had resulted in a finding of “Not Guilty” had they been made aware of them.

In-spite of the fact that I have followed Brian’s case from the outset, I still couldn’t put down an advance copy, I read the entire book, cover to cover, in a single evening.

It is a scathing indictment of the three pronged attack on gun owners in NJ by the Legislature, the Courts and Law Enforcement.

I am not exactly known for “book reviews”, in fact, this is my first one ever and I am honored to have it be so. These were the first thoughts that came into my mind immediately after I put the book down.

Brian’s story is an incendiary, long overdue call to action. His book is heart-wrenching, infuriating, exposes the scandalously corrupt, morally bankrupt, institutionalized bigotry and “make it up as we go along” mentality that is the NJ Gun Law Scheme. There but for the grace of GOD go I .

His book pulls back the curtain on the decades long persecution of gun owners in NJ. Willingly and indifferently sacrificed to satisfy the insatiable lust of anti gun ideologues and their enablers in the Legislature and the Courts.

Horrifically, Brian and his story isn’t a singular aberration, his is just one in a long list of names of those that have gone before him and experienced what he was subjected to to various degrees. All being relentlessly persecuted for the “sin” of exercising their rights.

“The Blue Tent Sky” is a blaringly loud call to action to reform a system so hopelessly out of control that it is almost to incredible to believe it even exists in the so called “Land of the Free”.

If you are a gun owner, you MUST read this book to understand the potential depths of the state sanctioned system arrayed against you, poised to destroy you at a moments notice for the slightest transgression. If you are not a gun owner, even if you hate guns, you still MUST read this book, to fully grasp the consequences of a myopic, single minded ideology, endorsed and codified by the Government.

NJ has within its borders five of the top ten most dangerous cities in the Country. In a State where actual criminals are regularly offered lenient plea bargains for gun crimes, only to continuously cycle through the revolving door on the jailhouse, routinely thumbing their noses at the “strict gun laws” while people like Brian Aitken and others, that are truly innocent, or at worst are guilty of a simple statutory violation, absent any criminal record, intent or victim are routinely thrown under the bus. “Made examples of” by politically ambitious prosecutors, not so much interested in the cause of Justice as they are in another notch on their belt, on their journey to the legislature or the bench.

The Blue Tent Sky” should be required reading for every member of the Legislature, the Judiciary and Law Enforcement. ~ Dan Roberts

The Blue Tent Sky available through Amazon

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be Armed.com

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The Rifleman

Although most certainly a very sad and disturbing story about just how absolutely crooked and biased the court justice systems truly are, unfortunately, these kind of things don’t happen to just the people in New Jersey, but equally as much in other states and/or the counties thereof. I’ve had a ring-side seat to this kind of corrupt and biased justice, and I can definitely relate to all that you have been through! These kind of scars NEVER go away!

Many Kudos to you, Dan for telling your story. I hope millions will read it.

Vom Brunhaus

well Dan you can talk to the NRA or 2A Society about why/how New Jersey gun laws are the way they are. All are designed for entrapment of the Law Abiding. Leaving NJ and getting away is not easy, even with giving our homes away. Also one of the highest in property Taxes.