TrackingPoint Introduces $7,495 Precision-Guided 5.56 Semi-Automatic Rifle

TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Semi-Auto 5.56 Rifle
TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Semi-Auto 5.56 Rifle

Pflugerville, TEXAS – -( TrackingPoint, creator of the world’s first and only Precision-Guided Firearmsystems, is now offering its most affordable Precision-Guided Firearm.

Delivering now, the $7495 precision-guided 5.56 semi-automatic rifle locks onto targets out to a one-third mile range with targets moving as fast as 10MPH.

“We see a day in the not too distant future, where all rifles are precision-guided,” said TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher.

“TrackingPoint has created the $7,495 precision-guided semi-automatic to enhance the experiences of hunting and shooting enthusiasts looking to take their sport to the next level. Utilizing fighter jet lock-and-launch technology, Precision-Guided Firearms empower anyone to consistently make shots that were previously considered beyond human ability”

For more information about the $7,495 precision-guided 5.56 semi-automatic, available now visit

About TrackingPoint
TrackingPoint based in Austin, Texas created the first Precision-Guided Firearm, a revolutionary new shooting system that puts fighter jet lock-and-launch technology in rifles, enabling anyone to make extraordinary shots on moving targets at extreme distances.

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Dave Williams

In West Virginia you would have to shoot through two mountains to get this rifles potential but I would love to.try


1 40mm grenade is cheaper.

brian winters

I can see this for a sniper but for hunting I want to hunt not assasinate an animal.


I will take 3 of them rifles ! Not ! Damn,it must be nice to have that kind of cash which I don’t ! The price of the rifles will go down in the next few years,..I hope !