USAYESS Announces iClays Will be the Official Scoring Program for All Upcoming Events

iClays will be the official scoring for upcoming USAYESS Events
USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports
USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports

Colville, WA -( USAYESS has announced that iClays will be the official scoring program for the 2015 regional and national events.

iClays will continue to update and make improvements to the program that will customize the program for the USAYESS events.

Mike Borg USAYESS Executive Director said “iClays was used in the 2014 regional and national events and the ease of use, flexibility, and user friendly interface made running the events from beginning to end a snap.”

“iClays is committed to the growth of clay shooting sports. Youth organizations like the USAYESS that educate and promote safe participation in shooting sports are vital to the future of the sport. In recognition of this, iClays has developed an integration platform for the USAYESS, to bring them the latest in scoring and registration technology.” stated David Clifford CEO of iClays.

The next step is to offer iClays to the USAYESS State Affiliates to assist them in running their state events. Rosemarie Ackley of Spring Creek, NV, Ellie Sellin of Madisonville, TN and Lindy Moss of Wasilla, AK have been appointed to the USAYESS scoring committee to facilitate training and give state affiliates support for adapting iClays. The role of the scoring committee is to continue developing iClays, to promote iClays to state affiliates, help state affiliates implement the program, and take an active role in training new users.

Rose has a long history with youth shooting both as a parent and coach. Rose has been involved in coaching youth in firearm safety and competitive clay target sports for many years. Rose serves on the board of the Nevada Youth Education in Shooting Sports (NVYESS) Foundation.

Ellie Sellin has been involved in youth competitive clay target competitions for over 11 years in Tennessee with her husband Tim. They a son, Andrew and daughter Kayla; both are excellent marksmen. While in college, Kayla also was a member of the shotgun team. Ellie is also on the board of TN Youth Education in Shooting Sports (TNYESS) Foundation.

Lindy Moss of Wasilla, AK has been involved in Alaska youth shooting for over 12 years. Lindy and her husband Neil have built a very successful high school clay target league throughout the state. Lindy is on the board of the Alaska Youth Shooting Sports Foundation.

USAYESS is committed to growing youth shooting and outdoor experiences that the entire family can enjoy together. USAYESS advises and works in partnership with affiliated state youth shooting programs and associations. USAYESS affiliated states with current 501 c 3 status are Alaska, Arizona, California, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Tennessee, and Washington. Affiliated states that are working on their 501 c 3 status are Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, Georgia, Missouri, Texas, Utah, Michigan, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kansas. Some of the events that USAYESS and affiliates organize are Youth Outdoor Experience Events, Clay Shooting Basics, USAS, NRA, and CMP Level 1 Shotgun Coach Certifications, Breaking Clays Clinics, Coaching for Success, Regional and National Clay Target Events, and liability-medical insurance for youth shooting teams and coaches.

About USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports (USAYESS)

USAYESS is a nonprofit educational association which introduces, grows, supports and educates youth and coaches about the shooting sports and wildlife conservation. The mission of USAYESS is to use hand-on events, competitive shooting sports, wildlife and habitat conservation programs to introduce and educate young people about safe firearm handling and outdoor activities that they and their families can share together for a lifetime.