Ammo Nation, Inc. Launches New Website

Ammo Nation, Inc. launches website for consumers to acquire ammunition direct from manufacturers at unbelievable prices!

Ammo Nation
Ammo Nation, Inc. Launches New Website
Ammo Nation
Ammo Nation

HAYDEN, ID –-(  MANUFACTURER DIRECT PRICING & FREE SHIPPING!   Ammo Nation Inc, launches new web store at .

This state of the art webpage is offering high quality “New” and “Re-Manufactured” ammunition products, components, and accessories in bulk quantities, without purchase limits, direct to consumers, at unbelievable prices.

Free Shipping! – Yes you read that correctly…  Ammo Nation’s unbelievable prices include the shipping of any size order directly to your doorstep.  Don’t be fooled by other ammunition web-store websites that solicit low prices then nickel and dime you with shipping costs.  Ammo Nation new website now provides the public and the ammunition community with what they deserve, which is full transparency of costs, from the best manufactures, providing innovative technology, extensive quality assurance and warranty, in endless supply, at industry leading prices.

“We are Ammo! – We offer our customers peace of mind by having the best people, delivering the best products, at the best price!” says Sean HenryJonathan Kersey, Chief Executive Officer, Ammo Nation, Inc.

“Our mission is to provide our Ammo Nation family with continuous product availability, with industry leading ammunition, at affordable prices.” says Jonathan KerseySean Henry, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Ammo Nation, Inc.

A couple of Ammo Nation’s leading product offerings include PNW Arms award winning and signature 300 Blackout round in a variety of loads, which can be also be fired from an AR platform and a line of high capacity rimfire magazines and associated accessories from HC Mags, fit specially for the Ruger 10-22 rifles, with incredibly fast reloads without having to push a single round into the top of the magazine.

“We have all the resources necessary and are servicing a broad range of the national shooting community and individual ammunition enthusiast and sportsmen.” says Nick Henry, Director of Sales, Ammo Nation, Inc.

Ammo Nation is leading the way consumers are educated about products, pricing, and availability.  It is easy to see why many customers love their products and have selected them as the company to acquire their ammunition from.

About Ammo Nation, Inc.

Ammo Nation™ is exactly as the company’s name states.  We’re a global leader in distributing “New” and “Re-Manufactured” ammunition components, accessories, and products direct from manufacturers to consumers.  We pride ourselves in providing Ammo for the People by the People.  We’re a northwest company with a national reach and a mission to deliver on doing what we say we’re going to do.  We provide our Ammo Nation family with transparency, continuous product availability, and quality assurance of industry leading ammunition.

Tel:  877-577-2910
Fax:  509-209-9089

  • 6 thoughts on “Ammo Nation, Inc. Launches New Website

    1. Was hopeful when reading would be selling factory direct. Checked the site today Jan 13, 2015… nothing available for sale. Maybe they’re just having web site technical issues and will be offering products soon. I’ll be checking back. Best of luck to them.

    2. It seems that they are out of stock on everything! The ONLY thing listed for sale is a bag of .380 bullets. Not the whole cartridge, JUST THE BULLETS. That’s LAME!

    3. I visited the Ammo Nation website and its still full of glitches. I noticed they ask form 4473 type questions in order to check out,….and then they want you to provide proof to them with documentation if they dont believe you. They sell ammo not guns. There are no laws that mandate they ask form 4473 type questions to buy ammo. No b/g check is required to purchase ammo,at any level.I guess they want to appease the gun-grabbers with this nonsense,who knows. Its not appealling to me at all and I will continue to buy ammo from the same sources I have for years !

      1. i just purchased a mass quantity of ammo today and i never filled out such forms. I just selected what ammo i wanted, hada friendly discount applied, checked out and should have my 10,000 rounds of .223 in a week or so.

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