Chris Cheng is Asking for Your Stuff to Shoot Out of X Products Can Cannon

X Products Can Cannon
X Products Can Cannon

USA – (Ammoland.Com) – Chris Cheng, History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 Champion and NRA NEWS Commentator, is seeking items to shoot out of an X Products Can Cannon, as he reported in his latest The Firearm Blog post:

As Cheng wrote in his blog post, “I was just as excited as you were when (The Firearm Blog) posted about the X Products Can Cannon a few weeks ago. A refresher, it’s a modified AR-15 upper that’s rigged up to shoot out soda cans via blanks. I’m getting my hands on one right after the holiday break here, and I am going to make a video showing this in action. However, instead of shooting cans I’m going to shoot whatever readers send me in the mail. I’m anticipating some pretty hilarious stuff.”

Cheng offers dimensions and a mailing address to send items for the cannon. “Don’t disappoint me internet!” commented Cheng.

Cheng has been a contributor to The Firearm Blog for two years, reviewing interesting and functional shooting industry products.

Chris Cheng
Chris Cheng

Cheng won the title of “Top Shot,” a $100,000 cash prize, and a professional marksman contract with the show sponsor, Bass Pro Shops.

How did a tech support guy who didn’t shoot a lot of guns beat out seventeen other competitors—including seasoned military veterans, law enforcement officers, and pro marksmen—in History Channel’s Top Shot season 4?

Cheng covers his approach to staying calm under pressure, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. These traits contributed to his coming out on top and staying above the fray. Shoot to Win with Top Shot champion Chris Cheng provides fun and interesting insight into the Top Shot experience. Additionally, Cheng reveals very personal information about his life that never aired on the show, and he discusses how it was a key part of his Top Shot experience.

With a foreword written by Top Shot season 3 champion Dustin Ellermann and an afterword written by the original Top Shot champion Iain Harrison, Shoot to Win is sure to please shooters of all stripes, but especially fans of History Channel’s program Top Shot.

Learn more about Cheng at http://TopShotChris.Com and http://Facebook.Com/TopShotChris Buy his “Shoot to Win” book at