Comments Sought For Update Of Michigan Wolf Management Plan

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Comments Sought For Update Of Michigan Wolf Management Plan
Michigan DNR
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Michigan –-( The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is updating the 2008 Michigan Wolf Management Plan and is seeking comment on the implementation of the plan.

The plan, and more specifically the four principal goals within the plan, has guided wolf management in Michigan for the last six years.

During this time, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service determined that the wolf population in the western Great Lakes region (including Michigan) had recovered and the species no longer required the protection of the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). After the removal from the ESA, the State of Michigan had full management authority for wolves.

The Wolf Management Plan was created using extensive public input to identify important issues and assess public attitudes towards wolves and their management, as well as a review of the biological and social science on wolves.

The four principal goals within the plan are:

  • maintain a viable wolf population;
  •  facilitate wolf-related benefits;
  • minimize wolf-related conflicts;
  • and conduct science-based and socially acceptable management of wolves.

These goals will remain the same in the updated plan. The update will include reviewing scientific literature and including of new information, evaluating implementation based on the action items in the plan, updating action items, and addressing outdated information or clarifications that may be needed.

The DNR is seeking comment from those interested in wolf management to aid in the evaluation of plan implementation so far. Review of the plan update will occur in two distinct phases. The first phase will consist of a 30-day period in which interested parties, DNR staff members and Natural Resources Commission members can provide comment on the implementation of actions in the 2008 Plan. The second phase will be a 30-day period to comment on the Draft Updated Plan before it goes to the Natural Resource Commission for endorsement and the DNR director for signature.

The Phase 1 electronic survey is now open ( The survey is structured around 12 strategic goals and corresponding actions within the 2008 plan. Those interested in wolf management are encouraged to provide input. Comments will be accepted from Nov. 12 to Dec. 11. Those unable to participate in this survey electronically are asked to contact the DNR Wildlife Division at 517-284-9453 to receive a paper survey.

The DNR hopes to have the wolf plan update completed by spring of 2015.

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Al Warren

I am curious where you obtained the wolf photo above. I have many photos I have taken of wolves in my area (Ontonagon County) and none look like that. However, the snarl and bared teeth are typical of wolves exhibiting dominate behavior within their pack at dinner time. You should explain that or someone who has never seen a wolf in the wild might erroneously believe that is what he would encounter while sitting in his deer blind.


I Hunt, but I don’t hunt animals that I can’t eat.Wolves are necessary as they keep the deer herds numbers in check.I live in Michigan and we have so many deer here that the Insurance companies have threatened to sue the state if we don’t reduce the deer numbers because of deer car accidents It just doesn’t make since to kill the animals that are helping us keep deer numbers down.