Dallypost to Deliver Gun Training In Select U.S. Cities & Every American Home

By Lance Earl

DallyPost announces ShotBoss, a unique web series that delivers advanced firearms training, support for the second amendment, and success stories from the American firearms industry.


Rockland, Idaho – ShotBoss is a reality based web series that will chronicle DallyPost Progressive Proficiency firearms training in a different American city each month.

All DallyPost ( www.dallypost.com ) training will make use of the DallyPost Target system. This target delivers the latest technology in moving target systems. In other words, it thinks and acts like a real bad guy. This requires a shooter to think, act and react to a variety of random target actions.

Progressive Proficiency comes into play due to a large number of defensive and tactical challenges. Each challenge requires that the shooter master specific requirements while facing a target with a specified but random personality. When a shooter masters one challenge, he may attempt the next, which will incorporate more demanding requirements and a more aggressive target. The result is that every shooter will advance until a personal failure point has been reached. This is when the real training will begin as DallyPost assists shooters to master tomorrow, that which is impossible today.

ShotBoss will focus on selected shooters as they work to understand concepts and overcome challenges. This will be accomplished through verbal firearms instruction, shooting drills, and one on one correction of weaknesses.

Every effort will be made to deliver ShotBoss video content in a way that makes a personal connection between the shooter and the viewer. This will occur as we explore personal aspects of the shooter’s life and desires while drawing out their unique personalities.

Additionally, each episode will share the story of a local business in the firearms industry in an effort to advance that industry and increase shooting activity for personal defense, competition and recreation.

Finally, a short segment will be dedicated to the defense of the second amendment or a related Constitutional guarantee. Freedom is not free and ShotBoss will be found doing its part.

Sargent Josh Campbell of the American Falls, Idaho Police Department said, “Thank you for allowing us to use your range system. It’s the most fun I have had in a long time. I truly hope my boss will purchase one of these. It was nice to see where my weaknesses are. So often, in law enforcement, it’s the same old, same old qualifications. Your system makes qualifying more dynamic and reality based. Last year was one of the worst years for in the line of duty deaths. I believe your system could help officers by providing dynamic situations that require multi-tasking, just like in the real world.”

Tom Dickman, an avid competitive shooter said, “I have been involved in shooting sports since 1980 and have participated in numerous competitions in several states including 3-gun, IPSC, USPSA, Cowboy Action, and Steel. After using the DallyPost system, I came away smiling! The target system was set in the random mode and gave me a whole new perspective on target acquisition. It was challenging to react to what the target did. The system gives you an opportunity to practice a whole new set of needed skills.”

Lance Earl, President at DallyPost said, “In the late nineties, my family became targeted by a Tacoma gang. For months we lived with fear, threats and attacks. A man cannot live through such an event without being forever changed. That is why I have dedicated my life to bring firearms training to a level that incorporates the mental and physical stresses of an actual lethal event. The result is the DallyPost Progressive Proficiency firearms training program utilizing the DallyPost Target system. I am pleased to announce that no shooter, no SWAT department, no military personell, no competitive shooter and not even I, the designer of the target, have been able to complete all aspects of the training program. You see, I don’t train shooters until they succeed. Instead, I stretch them until they fail. I think that makes more sense.”

The ShotBoss project is actively seeking sponsors. These sponsors can be either a company in the firearms industry or a group that actively defends the second amendment. Once located, we will work with them to bring a ShotBoss event to their community. While there, sharing the sponsor’s unique story will become a key part of the ShotBoss episode.

The DallyPost Target system represents the most advanced moving target system available today. Here are a few things that set it apart:

  1. Portability: The entire system consists of an 8 x 8 x 14 inch enclosure that contains the electronics and drive motor. The remaining components include a handful of hardware and a length of para-cord.
  2. Intelligent: Upon initial power up, the target will explore its environment. Once complete, the target will operate within the confines of its physical space with no collisions at the extreme limits of left and right movement. This means that the target can intelligently adapt to ranges from 30 to 150 feet wide.
  3. Agility: The target can make moves from one to one hundred fifty feet at nine different speeds.
  4. Durability: Solid state technology means no moving parts and this means reliability.
  5. Usability: A stray bullet will not ruin a day of shooting. Destroyed mounting and target transport components can be repaired in a matter of minutes. These components are all common hardware that is readily available in any city.
  6. Affordability: Basic units start at just $2.550.00.
  7. Upgradeable: Because of a modular design concept, target capabilities can be added to the system when and if they become necessary. If you can dream it, chances are that there is a module to meet your requirements. If you can imagine the target doing something that is not currently supported, let us know, we will get to work.
  8. Appropriate for:
    • Law enforcement training and qualifications.
    • Military training.
    • Civilian firearms training and shooting matches.
    • Archery training and shooting matches.

KICKSTARTER is the vehicle we have chosen to launch the ShotBoss project. You are invited to support this project so that together, we can work to keep this great land both safe and free. We are offering significant rewards for those who support this project. These rewards include:

  1. Official DallyPost merchandise.
  2. Advertising opportunities at the ShotBoss event.
  3. Advertising opportunities in the ShotBoss episode.
  4. Advertising opportunities at www.dallypost.com.
  5. A limited number of DallyPost Target systems, many of which that are discounted more than 50%.

This project will officially launch on November 15, 2014. Until then, you can view a project preview at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/360920783/136105331?token=8402ab3a

The DallyPost Target is a patent pending technology developed by Lance Earl.