December Issue of Shooting Illustrated Features the Lewis Machine; Tool SLK8 Carbine

Shooting Illustrated December 2014 Issue
Shooting Illustrated December 2014 Issue
Shooting Illustrated
Shooting Illustrated

Fairfax, VA -( The December issue of Shooting Illustrated, on newsstands now, features LMT’s exciting new SLK8, born in battle and designed to excel on the 3-gun circuit.

The company’s LM308MWS has been in service with the UK’s Ministry of Defense since 2010, and design elements from that AR-10-based rifle were incorporated into the 5.56 NATO SLK8 to make it about as bombproof as a carbine can be. Notable components

Include a monolithic upper, proprietary buttstock, match-grade trigger and a freefloated barrel capable of rapid caliber switches. Read all about this race-ready rifle today.

Rather than racing, when shooting long-range you’re better served by slowing down. Associate Editor Jay Grazio covered NRA Outdoors’ Long Range Shooting Clinic and discovered long-range instruction translates well into defensive preparation. While reading trace won’t come into play at defensive distances and a red-dot sight isn’t as dependent on cant as a riflescope, the basics—like steadying your hand and fully testing your equipment—are essential whether your range is 10 yards or 1,000.

It’s doubtful a 16-inch carbine would be anyone’s first choice at 1,000 yards, but for shooting at lesser distance in more restrictive locales, the Ares Defense SCR could be quite an attractive choice. With a fixed, conventional stock that draws on the Remington 1100 for inspiration (and bolt design), this rifle accepts standard AR-15-pattern upper receivers while remaining legal in states that restrict Second Amendment rights. Read how this “duck-billed platypus of rifles” performed in our testing.

Whether you’re shooting at long range, participating in 3-gun or simply practicing your basics, finding your “Zen of shooting” will improve your performance. Clearing your mind of pre-conceived notions on recoil and anticipation will enhance your shooting, as we free ourselves of flinches and focus solely on making the right shot. Follow former Army SOF Soldier Paul Schoch’s handy tips to improve your skills and reach shooting nirvana.

Look for these articles and much more in the November issue of Shooting Illustrated, The Definitive Source for the Modern Shooter, at a newsstand near you. You can also subscribe by calling (877) 223-3840.

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