Desperate, Angry Activists Hope to Shame Pro-Gun Voters into Inaction

Lets Tread on Freedom
Desperate, Angry Activists Hope to Shame Pro-Gun Voters into Inaction

Charlotte, NC –-( With Halloween upon us, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) decided to ratchet up the gore (and poor taste) in their latest series of anti-gun ads.

Mischaracterized by CSGV as public service announcements, the only service these grisly ads provide to the public is alerting the electorate to the gun control community’s increasingly angry, inflammatory, and judgmental tactics.

One of the ads depicts a man enjoying a meal in a diner, when he comes across a newspaper article about a shooting.  The camera then pans to the man’s blood-soaked hands, while a narrator states, “You did not buy the guns.  You did not load the bullets.  You did not empty the chamber.  But you voted; voted for politicians that refused to support common sense gun laws.  Vote only for candidates who fight to reduce gun violence.”

The ad implies that anyone who does not vote for CSGV-approved gun control candidates has blood on their hands.

Another ad shows a group of young people, who are alerted to a shooting via their smart phones.  The young adults become hysterical when their hands and phones become covered in blood as the narrator utters the same statement.  Even the ballots cast by voters in the ad are depicted as soiled by the blood of innocents.

While the graphic nature of the ads is likely to grab the most attention, it’s their message that truly conveys the mindset of the radical gun control fringe.  Most reasonable Americans understand that violent criminals make their own choices, and they alone are ultimately responsible for their actions.  Conversely, the empty “solutions” promoted by gun control advocates necessitate that they collectivize blame across society for the exercise of free will by individual persons.  Anti-gun activists, for example, routinely blame all NRA members, or even all gun owners, for the deplorable (and already illegal) actions of a single person misusing a firearm.  Sometimes this collective blame is even directed at the firearms themselves, as if they exert some unwholesome influence wholly apart from human agency.

CSGV’s latest ads, however, take the collectivist theory to a new level of hysteria, by contending that anyone who doesn’t vote a straight gun control ticket is tantamount to a mass murderer.  In doing so, CSGV would relieve the actual perpetrators of these crimes of their personal responsibility, and shift it to the majority of the electorate, and more specifically, to gun owning voters.

We can at least agree with CSGV on one thing, however:  Your decision on how to vote (and whether or not to vote at all) will contribute to moving the momentum on gun control in one direction or another.  CSGV hopes to shame pro-gun votes away from the polls, but their tactics ignore the fact that Americans still believe in free will, individual responsibility, and most of all, the value of freedom.

The most effective way to combat CSGV’s deviant mindset is to ensure that you and your like-minded friends and family vote for NRA-PVF-endorsed candidates on November 4.  By visiting, you can access candidate grades and endorsements, and find out where to cast your ballot.  With your support, and the help of pro-freedom candidates, America will continue to ensure that the angry, condemning, judgmental philosophy of groups like CSGV stays where it belongs:  on the lunatic fringe.

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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Bob Sadtler

I LOVE this! If the goal is to shame gun owners, it will backfire HUGE! If the goal is to persuade the general public, it will fail almost as miserably. Most folks don’t appreciate having baseless accusation hurled at them. There will be a few people stupid enough to be swayed by this, but it WILL generate far more enemies than followers, BANK on it.

Lucky Pierre

These antigun people seem to believe that if guns are gone we will all be living some where over the rainbow. They fail to realize that,even though the guns are gone, the nuts and goblins are not and now they are playing in a gunfree zone which means life is going to get very interesting. The bad people are going to kill/injure/destroy without guns. The Ferguson “gentle giant” could break faces with his bare hands. Guns?? They don need no stinkin guns.


Guns are more American than apple pie.
Exactly where in the Second Amendment are the words “if, except or unless?”
Giving criminals the upper hand isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do.
Voting for democrats is like voting for socialism – just a step away from communism. That isn’t very smart either.


Common Sense was 1776 by Paine. hahaha


When was the last time a Liberal/Progressive exhibited ‘Common Sense’?


Common sense gun laws start with running the liberals out of the country !






It worked!
I switched parties 100%!


Lets introduce concealed carry without permits or licenses in the remaining non-Constitutional compliant Sates. Really get the anti firearm people angry.
Boycott Bloomberg network , short stocks of his companies.

bill inaz

Excellent suggestion. Here in AZ there are no ‘permits’ needed to exercise the right to be armed in one’s personal defense. We are free to carry in a concealed manner without ‘permission’.
“When no one knows who is armed, everyone is”.