Do Colors Kill?

Does the color orange make flare guns more dangerous?
Does the color orange make flare guns more dangerous?
Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

Biloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland)  “Never let a serious crisis go to waste,” is a quote attributed the current boss of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. In the Progressive Statist world we could modify that statement to “Never let a tragedy or crime fail to become a crisis.”

We have seen it play out time and again, a piece of human debris goes on a killing spree and the immediate reaction of the Progressive Statist is to pass more legislation. “There ought to be a law!” is the rallying cry. Never mind the fact murder and felonious assault are already illegal. We need more laws to keep us safe. At no time do the big government types or their sycophants in the media point to the human element of the problem.

While the following is not a “crime” the rush for new laws or a government solutions was sadly all too predictable.

Idaho Tragedy

A tragic story from Meridian, Idaho was just brought to my attention. A two year old boy was shot in the head by his four year old brother with a signal flare gun. At press time the victim was alive in intensive care. Certainly no one with a soul would not be upset by this story.

If you wanted to be thoroughly depressed, you could search “toddler deaths and injuries” daily online and find that they drown, are accidentally poisoned, killed in car wrecks and die from falls. The CDC report shows that car crashes, drowning and burns were the top three unintentional killers of small children.

What is troubling about the Idaho event, besides the obvious injury to the child, is the knee-jerk reaction to blame the object, not the circumstances that led up to the injury. Cries for new laws and legislation aimed at emergency flare guns have been raised. Some call for more “Warnings” on flare gun packaging.

Are you kidding me? It’s a FLARE GUN, it shoots a burning FLARE, how much more warning do you need? 

Do sporting goods and marine supply stores sell flare guns to children? Last time I checked the answer was no.

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Capn Jack

Change the name to “Launcher”..Emergency Flare Launcher…It’s the “G” word that makes
them evil. WHAT BS !


Flare guns are bright red or orange you are not going to get any other color than those two, besides they are usually made of high impact plastic or other similar materials. They fire a flare for crying out loud they do not even have sights on them.