Flying Arrow Archery Promotes Conservation with Whitetails Unlimited Deer Camp Tour

Flying Arrow Archery
Flying Arrow Archery
Flying Arrow Archery
Flying Arrow Archery

Belgrade, MT -( Flying Arrow Archery, LLC is partnering with Whitetails Unlimited to promote conservation, education, and preservation as a sponsor of the 2015 Whitetails Unlimited Deer Camp Tour.

“We believe that as an industry we need to work with conservation groups in protecting our hunting rights, preserving the tradition and passing on the love of the hunt to our kids,” said Chris Rager, president of Flying Arrow Archery. “Whitetails Unlimited is doing a great job achieving the goals and getting more families involved.”

Flying Arrow Archery revolutionized the broadhead industry in 2013 with its unique accurate blade design. The coring design of the Toxic broadhead has given bow hunters around the world the results they crave with its accuracy, wound channel and successful harvest rate. The Toxic comes standard with open-flex technology and a single beveled edge. This technology is accompanied by a bone crushing chisel tip that allows the broadhead to penetrate exceptionally well.

The Cyclone broadhead is aimed for the conventional archer who trusts the traditional straight blade design; with a classic Flying Arrow twist. The accurate shaped blades allow the broadhead to penetrate deeper by cutting a spiral wound channel. Conventional straight blade heads have to stop rotating once they strike a target, therefore decreasing the penetration. The Cyclone is the happy medium between the lethal “Toxic Broadhead” and the classic fixed blade design. Both broadhead designs are available in 100 gr, 125 gr., crossbow, Deep Six, and Vertical bow options.

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About Flying Arrow Archery, LLC

Flying Arrow Archery was founded in 2012 by Chris Rager in the incredible state of Montana. Chris sold his previous company, Trophy Ridge and Rocket Aeroheads in 2007. While always thinking outside the box, Chris spends countless days and hours in the field searching for ways to create better archery equipment. Not satisfied with the current broadhead designs, he wanted to engineer a broadhead that would forever change the way archers think.

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