Game-Changing Scent Control in Two New Camouflage Patterns

Ozonics HR-200
Ozonics HR-200
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Lake Jackson, TX -( With Ozonics, a hunter defeats a deer’s nose with their patented GameChanger Technology.

Since the sense of smell is defeated, might as well help take care of that keen vision as well. New for 2015, Ozonics HR-200 is now available in two great camo patterns.

While still available in the Original Natural color, the Ozonics HR-200 is now also available in Mossy Oak Treestand and Lost Camo patterns. Unlike other scent-control products that try to mask human scent, Ozonics uses the patented GameChanger Technology to eliminate a hunter’s scent zone. Ozonics employs sophisticated technology to electronically change ordinary oxygen molecules into Ozone molecules, which are projected downwind with a quiet fan.

With the unit mounted above a hunter, the heavier, extremely unstable ozone molecules bond to and transform human scent molecules, rendering them indistinguishable to the nose of a deer. Ozonics blankets a hunter’s downwind scent zone with airborne, scent-transforming ozone, so deer won’t smell human scent. Most serious hunters go to great lengths to control human scent. This means washing and treating clothing and equipment, storing these items in scent-free containers, bathing in scent-free soaps, avoiding spicy, smelly foods, dressing in the field away from your vehicle… The hoops a hunter jumps through in an often failed attempt to control scent seems endless.

With Ozonics, you no longer need to be so vigilant. Ozonics represents freedom from the hassles you’ve endured to avoid detection by scent-savvy game. Ozonics is easy to use. It’s compact, lightweight and easier than ever to mount. And Ozonics is safe. Ozonics meets or exceeds U.S. federal safety standards for ozone exposure.

Best of all, Ozonics is guaranteed! Give Ozonics a fair tryout. If you do not experience a dramatic reduction in the number of downwind deer that “bust” you, Ozonics will refund your money in the same calendar year as purchase. Many top industry pros and expert hunters have already discovered Ozonics.

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About Ozonics

At Ozonics, our goal is to make your big game hunt more enjoyable by helping you to avoid scent detection by downwind animals and to simplify your pre-hunt preparation. While Ozonics is the only scent elimination product that deals with your scent zone, like anything else, it is not perfect, as wind speed and fluctuations cannot be controlled. Furthermore, Ozonics does not pull the trigger for you. You still have to get up early, choose the right stand, get to your stand without spooking the deer, be able to draw your bow or raise your gun without being detected and make a good shot. Hunting is still hunting. You increase your odds of success with preparation, time in the field and good luck. Ozonics does not affect any of that, nor do we want to. We believe in an ethical harvest, quality deer management and selective harvest. We also enjoy seeing more deer and closer deer for a longer time. That’s what Ozonics is all about. A better overall hunting experience!