Italian Gun Grease Offers ‘True Grease’

Extend the life of your weapon and reduce malfunctions with Italian Gun Grease’s foundation product.

Italian Gun Grease True Grease

Italian Gun Grease

Spring Hill, Tenn. –-(  Italian Gun Grease (IGG), leaders in the field of firearms lubricants and cleaners, offer shooting enthusiasts its foundation product, True Grease, as a means of extending the life of a weapon and reducing malfunctions with regular use. Unlike Italian Gun Grease’s other lubrications, True Grease is truly a “grease.”

Benefiting from the Heat Seeking Molecule (HSM) technology, True Grease reduces friction by up to 85 percent. When applied anywhere there is metal-to-metal contact, it will result in noticeably smoother and more reliable performance.

True Grease penetrates into metal, including the smallest cracks and crevices, to resist dirt and carbon build up, while protecting from corrosion and oxidation. It instantly provides superior long-lasting lubrication and protection, staying put where it was placed.

Available in a convenient, easy-to-use 6 cc syringe for precision application, True Grease™ has an MSRP of $9.95.

For more information, visit.

About Italian Gun Grease:

It is Italian Gun Grease’s primary mission to significantly elevate the industry performance standards in regard to lubricants, cleaners and other products that we introduce to the sporting, competitive shooting and tactical firearm markets. By utilizing our highly talented team of technical experts (with over 300 years of combined experience), we have developed, and will continue to develop, state-of-the-art green technologies that give our clients a noticeable and valuable advantage. Our goal is to be recognized as the premier provider in knowledge and excellence. For more information, please visit

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