It’s the Second Amendment, Stupid

By AWR Hawkins

stupid voters
As Democrat postmortem sets in and gun control proponents grasp for ways to explain the political beating they took on November 4 2014.
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  As Democrat postmortem sets in and gun control proponents grasp for ways to explain the political beating they took on November 4 2014, the explanation is already evident to voters — “It’s the Second Amendment, stupid.”

In 1992 James Carville provided a singular focus for the Bill Clinton campaign by quipping, “It’s the economy, stupid.” The Harvard Institute of Politics reports that this went from being a statement to an “internal audience of campaign workers” to being the way Clinton packaged and sold his presidential campaign.

Fast forward 22 years and “It’s the Second Amendment, stupid.”

The Washington Post admitted that Americans largely agree with the NRA’s views on the Second Amendment, thus they voted for candidates the NRA endorsed.

For nearly two years Democrats and Democrat-run gun control groups claimed that 90 percent of Americans supported more gun control. They said this while pushing universal background checks, new gun show regulations, new rules for online gun sales, an “assault weapons” ban, high capacity magazine bans, and an easier road to firearm confiscation via gun violence restraining orders, among other measures.

But in the end Americans were too busy buying firearms and firearm accessories to listen to the Democrat talking points. 

As previously reported a Gallup poll showing nearly two-thirds of Americans believe a gun makes their home safer. That poll was conducted less than a month before the midterm elections.

When one sees that 81 percent of Republicans, 64 percent of Independents, and even 41 percent of Democrats think this way the explanation for November 4 2014 is clear — “It’s the Second Amendment, stupid.”

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7 years ago

Undoubtedly, American’s belief in the right to bear arms and defend themselves played a significant role in the recent backlash against liberalism. Conservatives should not, however, fall into the mindset of a silver bullet solution. There are a myriad of issues facing our country that can be directly attributed to the progressive agenda. Illegal immigration, failed schools, the job shortage, drug ridden neighborhoods and so many other societal ills can be lain directly at the feet of the far left. As the sane and reasonable side of the political debate, we only need to make our case.

7 years ago

Stupid is as stupid does–just look at the picture again. The liberals at the top of the feeding chain (Obma and liberal crew) and their money/power brokers (Soros, Bloomberg and others) are not stupid, they know exactly what they are doing and what their real goal is.