Matt Burkett 3GN-S Model Shotgun Update #?? (screw it, I lost count)

We are pending approval by the ATF! That's right! The shotgun arrived at the ATF Technology Branch for review two weeks ago.

Matt Burkett 3GN-S Model Shotgun
Matt Burkett 3GN-S Model Shotgun
Predator Tactical
Predator Tactical

Tempe, Arizona. –-( This has been a challenge to say the least. There are two agencies that you have to make happy for the import of a shotgun into the USA.

The ATF and the CBP. The ATF agents that I have had contact with have been great to work with on this import. The primary issue is the lack of communication through their website as to the entire process of obtaining approval, the requirements of new models and estimated time frames for the different stages.

Now we are waiting to jump the final hurdle with the Technology Branch at the ATF. Once they approve it, we will be on the way towards getting them in-bound. I am hopeful for approval and inbound shipments of shotguns before Christmas. I will let you know as soon as I know more!

Thank you to everyone for being as incredibly patient as most of you have been. This has been an incredibly challenging year, to say the least. As we move forward into 2015, be on the look out for a lot of activity from Predator Tactical!

New gun models, parts and training materials are in the works and we will start showing them off soon. If you want to keep up to date with us, please use the following resources:

Okay and if you have a sense of humor and DON'T get completely offended by rants and raves which may or may not include some swearing, check out

Take care,
Matt Burkett

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Matt Burkett 3GN-S Model Shotgun
Matt Burkett 3GN-S Model Shotgun
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