School Suspends Fifth-Grader Armed with Finger

Kids Finger Guns
Kids Finger Guns

Charlotte, NC –-( Another sad battle by the agents of political correctness in their war on childhood was waged last Friday, when 10-year-old Milford, Mass., fifth-grader Nickolas Taylor was suspended for two days following an incident in the Stacy Middle School cafeteria.

The offense? Armed only with his index finger and a vivid imagination, Nickolas reportedly cut in front of two classmates in the lunch line while firing an imaginary “ray gun” and making corresponding ray gun sound effects.

According to a report in the Milford Daily News, the two pupils who claimed Nickolas cut in line informed a school official of the behavior.  When the matter was brought to the attention of Assistant Principal Noah Collins, the administrator deemed Nickolas’ actions a threat and issued the suspension.

Thankfully, it appears reasonable adults have now taken over the situation.

According to the Milford Daily News, during a Milford School Committee meeting School Committee Chairman Scott Harrison stated, “Quite frankly, I have zero tolerance for zero tolerance policies.”

Harrison added, “We need to make sure we’re not treating situations as black and white when there are shades of gray.”  Milford Superintendent Robert Tremblay also suggested that “[r]emoving a child from school may be in effect positively reinforcing a negative behavior.”

In any event, the Taylor family has decided to make other plans for Nickolas’s education.  Nickolas’s father Brian told the Daily News that he has submitted the paperwork to pull Nickolas out of Stacy Middle School in order to home school him.

While some forward-thinking local school officials have shown an interest in fixing policies with absurd consequences, NRA is working to change state laws to make sure incidents like these don’t occur in the first place.  In Florida NRA helped enact the “Right to be Kids” act, which states that “[s]imulating a firearm or weapon while playing or wearing clothing … that depict[s] a firearm or weapon or express[es] an opinion regarding a right guaranteed by the Second  Amendment  … is not grounds for disciplinary action or referral [for prosecution].”

Regrettably, overreaction to normal childhood behavior has become common in our nation’s public schools.  With millions of students at the mercy of nonsensical zero-tolerance policies that unreasonably punish harmless behavior, and the sometimes thoughtless school administrators who enforce them, state legislatures may be school kids’ best hope for graduating with their records and reputations intact.

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    1. There is no doubt in my mind that the assistant principal who, despite whatever academic credentials he may possess, is not qualified to work with children. Perhaps a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, where black-or-white reasoning and strict adherence to written rules is integral to an addict’s well-being, is more suitable to this particular administrator’s philosophy. It is a good thing that the School Committee chairman and the Superintendent of Schools were in a position to castigate the assistant principal for his asinine declaration of suspension, and even better that the chairman spoke out against zero-tolerance policies.

      1. Touche’ ! Middle school children…any aged child, is just so B&W. They should no better: they should walk w/their peers, in hallways in a straight line, mouths zippered shut; hands at their sides whenever walking/sitting; never step in front of a peer w/out said peers approval in writing, w/signature & countersigned by an official of the school board; raise their hand to speak in a classroom or anywhere deemed non-appropriate, prior to written approval; never, mimic a toy w/a gesture of any kind, & never use their voice to do the same; never laugh, sing, have fun or act the age they actually are vs. the age deemed-them by the school board. ● This is the problem w/our youth. They act much too youthful & not like the adults they are expected to live up-to.
        ● Perhaps if we can get kids to march in unison, oh! & wear uniforms!
        Maybe they should raise an arm at a 45° angle to their bodies & state, “Hile Hitler”. Yes, that is the answer.
        Post Scripture: My husband & I began homeschooling our son in the 3rd grade. It was for security reasons (due to a parent of a transferred student that went off the deep end thinking I loved her boyfriend. She lodged a complaint when schools Principal, Quadrant Principal, the Superintendent of the 100k + students in the district (3rd largest in US). Our child’s welfare was at stake. ● He is a HS Jr. & thriving – he took flight when released, & is Yale-bound. I recently became a widow; my soul mate diagnosed w/cancer at age 47. I continue to watch our son soar, taking on the challenge on my own; both of us longing for the past yet movie forward. Some of our son’s teachers continue making inquiries in to his life…happy they had him in their lives. They too said they always felt he was very much aware of the world around him – even in kindergarten. They’d tell us, “I’ll be able to say, one day, ‘I knew him when'”…
        ●Sir, one of the best things you could ever do for your child, you’ve done by deciding to home school him. If you think about it, “socializing” children’s education, to the degree its been taken to, is a rather young concept. One we’ve found to be heading-out of style, reverting back to “self education”. Now there are Intranets designed for this very life style, allowing children of all ages to find out what they’re made of & not what a complete stranger wants to make of them.
        Good luck to you . Yours is a very lucky young man.

    2. It just never ends the excessive over reaction and over reach that these school districts have and show when they do such actions as this!!! For people who are supposed to show and teach education and maybe common sense, they nedd a complete reteaching of these topics asap!!!

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