Second Amendment Movement Was Very Effective In NY Legislative & Congressional Races

Cuomo year on year Election Losses
Cuomo year on year Election Losses
New York 2nd Amendment Coalition
New York 2nd Amendment Coalition

New York – -( Election Day 2014 was very interesting. What did we learn?

The Second Amendment movement was very effective in legislative and congressional races.

Look at this long list of races that we won!

NYS Senate: The Republicans WON the NYS Senate. The total is now 32 Republicans and 31 Democrats. It is true that some of the remaining Republican senators voted for the SAFE Act, but this majority gives us more solid footing from which to fight. In the process, a lot of gun grabbers were removed!

  • SD-3: Tom Croci (R) defeated Adrienne Esposito (D)
    SD-8: Michael Venditto (R) defeated Dave Denenberg (D)
    SD-40: Greg Ball (R) retired: Terrence P. Murphy (R) defeated Justin R. Wagner (D)
    SD-41: Susan Serino (R) defeated Terry Gipson (D)
    SD-46 George Amedore (R) defeated Cecilia Tkaczyk (D)
    SD-55 Richard Funke (R) defeated Ted O’Brien (D)
    SD-60 Mark Gristanti, Erie County RINO who voted for the unSAFE Act, was REMOVED. Yes, the seat is now held by a pro-gun control Democrat – but we were strong enough to punish Grisanti for his vote and we can work to elect a pro-2A candidate in 2016! Other RINO’s should take note.

* Note that SD 41, SD-46, and SD-55 were the three races that NY2A was specifically focused on.

Every one of these senators voted for the SAFE Act with the exception of Cecilia Tkaczyk, who was not seated in the Senate at the time that the act was passed due to a recount. However, she later stated that she supported the SAFE Act.

NYS Assembly: Going into the election, there were 11 vacant seats and 5 retiring Democrats. We all know liberty does not exist in the NYS Assembly, but we did gain 4 seats. We now have 44 seats vs. their 106. While it is true that we can’t win legislatively in the Assembly, we have added voices and support to help our 2A champions like Steve McLaughlin, Pete Lopez, and Bill Nojay.

  • AD-3: Dean Murray (R) defeated incumbent Ed Hennessey (D)
    AD-116: John Byrne III (R) defeated incumbent Addie Russel (D)
    AD-134: (vacant seat win) Peter A. Lawrence (R) defeated Gary E. Pudup (D)
    AD-143: (vacant seat win) Angela M. Woznia (R) defeated Mark M. Mazurek (D)

US Congress: NY State removed 3 liberal progressives (and the icing on the cake is that Cuomo is being blamed for the losses!):

  • CD-1: Lee Zeldin (R) defeated Tim Bishop (D)
    CD-21: Owens (D) retired. Elise Stefanik (R) defeated Aaron Woolf (D) and became the youngest woman to be elected to Congress
    CD-24: John Katko (R) defeated Dan Maffei (D)
    CD-25 is still being counted on absentee ballots, but it looks as if Louise Slaughter (D) is going to win over Mark Assini (R)

Upstate NY is waking up.

Cuomo did win the overall election. But look at this comparison of the electoral map from 2010 to 2014! Upstate NY is sure looking RED! This shows real progress that we should all feel very good about. We have built a solid foundation on which to continue to grow our movement.

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About New York 2nd Amendment Coalition

The NY2A Grassroots Coalition is exactly what our name implies: we are a coalition of grassroots organizations committed to defeating the NY SAFE Act and the legislators who voted for it! We are a mechanism for grassroots groups across New York to share ideas and coordinate efforts because we are more effective if we are working together. Below is a list of groups who are part of our coalition.

Is your group actively working to support the 2nd Amendment and fight back against the NY SAFE Act? Let us know if your group wants to join NY2A!  And be sure to personally join in this fight by submitting your contact information on the home page!

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7 years ago

The greatest words to a Democrat antigun lawmaker- Your Fired.