ShotBoss is Seeking Venues for Firearms Training Events

You Are Invited to be a Key Player in the New World of Firearms Proficiency.


Rockland, Idaho – -( In the late 1990s my family became targeted by a Tacoma Gang. I will never forget the lessons learned while defending my home with my wife and children at my back.

I will never forget the evening that I used my vehicle as a weapon to stop an armed thug.

Most of all, I will never forget the lessons learned and the realization the all of my military firearms training had been a complete waste of time.

This is why I have developed a progressive proficiency training program that does not train people until they succeed. Rather, trains people until they fail. This allows us to identify weaknesses and then work to move past them.

I also designed the worlds most advanced and intelligent moving target system. It possesses multiple personalities and can run as far as 150 feet at nine different speeds.

We are currently working to find 12 venues where we can produce annual events. These events will include a one or multi-day firearms training course, a one or multi-day defensive shooting match that is appropriate for the average shooter and the world’s most demanding tactical shooting match, which will also be one or more days.

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Thanks for your time,
Lance Earl
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