Sober Moms Demand Action Founder: ‘Midterms Prove We Have Gun Control Momentum’

By AWR Hawkins

Shannon Watts
Sober Moms Demand Action Founder say of election losses: ‘Midterms Prove We Have Gun Control Momentum'
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Following the shellacking that voters handed gun control candidates on November 4 2014, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts emerged to say that her group “[has] the momentum” and their push for control will continue.

In a Moms Demand/Everytown for Gun Safety video released November 5, Watts said:

For years, the gun lobby has had the field to themselves. But this election season, supporters like you are changing the game. You've shown the size and the power of our movement, led by moms and concerned citizens from all over the country who care deeply about gun violence prevention. We mobilized nearly one million gun sense voters who pledged to vote for candidates who support common sense gun laws. 

Watts said these volunteers organized over “100 house parties,” knocked on “tens of thousands of doors,” and made “more than 100,000 phone calls to voters in key areas.” 

Yet gun control candidates still got shellacked. Republicans expanded their majority in the House and became the majority party in the Senate. The candidates endorsed by the NRA and supported by their 5 million-plus members dominated the night. And this was true in gubernatorial races, as well.

Nonetheless, Watts told Moms Demand members, “You've already proven that we can accomplish great things together. And I'm excited to see what we can accomplish next.”

She then appealed for more people to join her gun control group, adding: “We have the momentum, and together, we will win this fight.”

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  • 14 thoughts on “Sober Moms Demand Action Founder: ‘Midterms Prove We Have Gun Control Momentum’

    1. Shannon Watts “momentum” is from the perspective of a demolition derby driver where the objective id to drive in reverse and crash into others while dodging those targeting you.

      Get a life Shannon

    2. I think that organizations such as this (on both side of the political spectrum) should be required to fully show their financial backing.
      Mom’s Demand Action is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg as is “Everytown” and Mayors against Illegal Guns (MAIG). Their lies and deceit should be met with the abject scorn they deserve.

    3. II have always found their title “Moms Demand Action” to be a travesty in itself in that I’m sure mothers and parents in general do not advocate the use of lies, prevarications, misinformation and half truths to put their message out. Children should be taught about truth and facts, no matter how bad they may be. A truly pathetic and despicable organization.

    4. The way that pic of her looks, she might as well be like the kid in the movie Oliver you know the kid that says “please can I have some more”. Talking about a pathetic looking thing of a person, I would be surprised if that thing was even married.

    5. I’m sure they are passionate about their position but in all honesty they are out of touch with Mr. and Mrs. America. This last election was an affirmation of the meaning of the second amendment and it’s place in this Country. It will not be subverted by politicians or diluted by those with an agenda. The vast opinion of Americans has always been that we need to stay armed to keep tyranny in check.

    6. Poor Plastic Shannon and her Mommies Demanding Attention. The waste of Bloomberg’s 50 million. The only thing they won is a unenforceable law that Gates and Bloomberg bought. Everywhere else they lost big.

      1. Methinks that Shannon Low Watts, like our “Dear Leader”, are delusional. Maybe they ought to take their meds, or back off on them.

    7. Gun Control. Let us just say that guns need to be kept out of the hands of the insane and drugged.
      So let us just say that guns should only be allowed for those person of superior knowledge and ability.
      Let us just say that the superior persons are those in positions of power.
      Let us just say that guns are only to be allowed for the Legislators and government employees.
      Let us just say that then we’d have the situation of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-Tung and Saddam Hussein.

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