TAC-CON Does It Again! – Bringing New Innovations to the AR-15 and AK-47 Platforms!

Tac-Con Raptor (AK-47) Drop-In Trigger
Tac-Con Raptor (AK-47) Drop-In Trigger

Phoenix, AZ – -(Ammoland.com)- In 2013, Tactical Fire Control, Inc. rocked the AR-15 world with the introduction of the Tac-Con 3MR Trigger System, providing military, law enforcement and civilian shooters with performance features never before attainable from a non-NFA trigger system.

Now, the innovators at Tac-Con are set to change the industry once again with the introduction of the Tac-Con 241 for the AR-15 and the Tac-Con “Raptor,” designed specifically for the AK-47!

CLICK HERE to see these new trigger systems in action!

Tac-Con “Raptor”

The Raptor Trigger System

AK fans have spoken, and Tac-Con has listened. With an unprecedented number of requests to manufacture a high-quality drop-in trigger for the ubiquitous workhorse AK platform, Tac-Con is again setting new standards in the industry.

The Tac-Con Raptor Trigger System is a fire control system consisting of “Safe” and Tac-Con’s proprietary semi-auto, assisted-reset, fire position.  This position provides a positive reset that dramatically reduces the split times between shots.

The positive reset characteristic is achieved by transferring the force from the bolt carrier through the trigger assembly, instantaneously assisting the trigger back onto the sear. As a result, this gives the firearm the fastest reset possible for an AK-47! The “Raptor” features a non-adjustable 4.5-pound trigger pull weight with zero take-up and no overtravel.

The Raptor has a suggested retail price of $349.00; Tac-Con is now accepting orders at www.TacConUSA.com.

The Tac-Con “Raptor” is ATF approved and is NOT an NFA part. This is not a bump fire system and the shooter must pull the trigger once for every round fired.

Tac-Con 241

The pioneers at Tac-Con have quite possibly developed the most innovative AR-15 trigger system on the market! Utilizing it’s proven 3-mode design, Tac-Con has combined its blazing-fast 3MR assisted-reset technology with a precision two-stage trigger, providing you the ultimate all in one, simple, drop-in replacement system.

Now shooters can quickly transition from rapid fire to ultra-precise long range shot placement with the simple switch of the 3-mode selector. The 241 trigger system utilizes the standard “Fire” position for its 4.5lb assisted-reset mode, while the 180 degree, “full auto,” position activates the two-stage mode. The two-stage mode features a controllable 3.5lb take up with a clean, crisp 1lb break for the ultimate in precision shot placement.

The “241” will have a suggested retail price of $395.00, which will be available for order at www.TacConUSA.com in December of 2014.

The Tac-Con “241” is ATF approved and is NOT an NFA part. This is not a bump fire system and the shooter must pull the trigger once for every round fired.

About Tac-Con

Tactical…Fire…Control; the name says it all! Tac-Con is American owned and its products are 100% made in the USA! Tac-Con Trigger Systems are crafted from the finest materials using Full EDM & CNC manufacturing technology. All components are coated with NP3 (Nickel Teflon) to ensure years of dependable service. Each Trigger system is individually hand-tested for quality, pull weight and function prior to shipping and feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Tactical Fire Control, Inc. is an aggressive new company that’s dedicated to providing superior, American-made products to the civilian, law enforcement and military firearms industry.

For more information on the company’s innovative fire control systems, contact TAC-CON at

44047 N 43rd Avenue #74243, Phoenix, AZ 85087-5948 • Telephone: 623-282-1881 • or visit www.TacConUSA.com.

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Lou Carr

What a piece of junk and a ripoff. It fails to perform in any manner whatsoever. Placed one in a US M4 lower, the one specially designed for it with the full auto switch and NOTHING. Went thru 240 rounds and NOTHING.

WASTE OF $400.

Billy J. Andrew

Not sure what trouble you had but mine world great. Exactly as described and actually way better than the ALG.