Turkey Hunters Can Phone in Reports of Leg-Banded Birds in Pennsylvania

Call system has been restored after outage.

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Pennsylvania Game Commission
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Harrisburg, PA -(Ammoland.com)- Hunters who harvested leg-banded wild turkeys on the Nov. 1 opening day of the fall wild turkey season, or early on Monday, Nov. 3, likely were greeted by an error message when they phoned in to report they had taken a banded bird.

The phone system that accommodates banded-bird reports was down all day Saturday and Sunday, and restored sometime on Monday morning. Now that phone lines again are open, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is asking any hunters who might have been unable to call in their reports previously to make another attempt.

The error only occurred with calls placed to the band-reporting phone number, which is stamped on leg bands and is maintained by the Pennsylvania State University. The regular harvest-reporting phone line for reporting turkey, deer, bobcat and fisher harvests (1-855-PAHUNT1) was not affected.

Information on the harvest of leg-banded turkeys provides valuable data that is a key component to the management of wild turkeys in Pennsylvania, and many of the bands also have monetary rewards for reporting.

Rewards for reporting marked turkeys are made possible by donations from the National Wild Turkey Federation.

About the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC)

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is legally mandated to manage wildlife for the benefit of all Pennsylvanians, as well as all wildlife and the habitat that supports their existence. Pennsylvania’s Constitution and Game and Wildlife Code direct the Game Commission to protect, manage, and preserve wildlife and their habitat within the Commonwealth for the benefit of all people, including generations yet to come. Based on this direction, the Game Commission adopted the mission statement “to manage all wild birds, wild mammals, and their habitats for current and future generations.”

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