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Suffolk County, NY -( Is there anything more frustrating than watching the buck of a lifetime stroll past your fixed stand just out of bow range?

Or maybe the buck you’ve been hunting switched from food plots to acorns. Good hunters change with the deer. Tree Stand Buddy allows every hunter to become a versatile hunter, thanks to an innovative bracket and receiver system that allows you to hunt where the deer are – quickly, safely and easily.

Simply attach the bracket to your favorite portable tree stand and strap the receiver to any tree with the provided straps. Then, lift your stand up the tree with a rope, and slide it into the receiver. It’s that easy!

Tree Stand Buddy not only gives you the flexibility to hunt the best spots, it allows you to hang your stand safely. No more climbing with one hand while holding your stand with the other. Even better, Tree Stand Buddy gives you the freedom to hunt different spots without a lengthy and noisy set-up, and without the need to purchase multiple stands.

Simply hang receivers on trees all over your property. Change locations as the wind changes or as deer activity changes. Tree Stand Buddy assures the same setup every time you install your stand – same angle, same position, same view.

Worried about theft or damage to your stand from the weather? Taking your stand down is just as easy as setting it up. It’s also safe. In rigorous testing, Tree Stand Buddy withstood more than 900 pounds of force without breaking.

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About Tree Stand Buddy

The Tree Stand Buddy slide-mount system is the fastest, easiest and safest way ever to hang your stand. With Tree Stand Buddy you no longer have to climb a tree carrying your stand. And, it’s rock solid, sturdy and quiet!