Videogame Diagrams Mistaken as Nuclear Attack Planned for Washington, DC

By Justin Stakes

Global Thermo Nuclear War
Global Thermo Nuclear War
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Bristol, UK -( Local UK authorities were called on software engineer Henry Smith after whiteboard diagrams detailing his new game were mistaken for a nuclear attack planned for Washington, D.C.

According to Mr. Smith, he was ironing out the details of his latest game at his home in Bristol during the time his leasing agency had scheduled a visit. Throughout the course of the routine inspection conducted by Henry’s landlord the person who performed the visual inspection of the rental home decided upon seeing the scribbled diagrams, that Henry was a potential nuclear terrorist.

Henry Smith's Whiteboard Diagram #1
Henry Smith’s Whiteboard Diagram #1

A few days after the prearranged visit, Henry Smith received a strange call from his leasing agency stating that the property manager who’d recently carried out the routine inspection of the house had some serious concerns about his whiteboard diagrams.

The following is a video of the videogame:

The following is an excerpt from Henry Smith’s Blog:

The Time I Got Caught Planning a Nuclear Attack on the USA

  • I missed a phone call at work from my landlord this week. Landlord phone calls are scary. “Our rent payment probably hasn’t gone out or something”, I began to worry. I tend to panic quickly. “Shit, I bet it failed because our bank account is empty. Somebody’s gotten in and emptied out all our money. Fuck.” Fearing the worst, I phoned back straight away to check what was up.
  • “Hi there, this is Henry Smith. Did you just try to call?”
    • “Ah hi Henry, thanks for calling back. Yes we did indeed.”
  • “Is everything alright?”
    • “Yes, everything’s absolutely fine.”
  • For all of two seconds, I felt better. Everything was absolutely fine. But the conversation wasn’t over yet.
    • “As I’m sure you’re aware, we performed a visual inspection of the property last week.”
  • “Yeah, sure.”
    • “And everything was fine. Absolutely fine.”
  • “Ah, good!”
    • “Except… the person who did the inspection did have some concerns about one thing. There were some… whiteboards? And some… drawings on them?”
  • “Ah shit! Yeah I totally forgot about those! You mean the nuclear attack thing, right?”
    • “Yeah, that’s right.”
  • “Yeeeeeah…. Sorry! You see…. It’s for this game I was making! It’s like, a web thing and it uses Google Maps to simulate a nuclear war.”
    • “Ahhh, okay! We kind of thought it had something to do with gaming!”
Henry Smith's Whiteboard Diagram #2
Henry Smith’s Whiteboard Diagram #2

What seems to be the strangest approach in which a person would report such a situation. The leasing agency decided to call the police and then email and let Henry know that they have done just that.

“The phone call ended amicably, and seemed like it put their mind at rest,” stated Henry Smith. “I thought I’d heard the end of the matter. I was wrong. Today, they emailed me informing me that they’ve referred the matter to the local police.”

A software engineer from Bristol, Henry’s diagrams simply depicted a game that he’s currently developing called “Global Thermo Nuclear War.” In light of the situation, Mr. Smith even posted photos of the diagrams to further ease the mind of any and all likewise thinking individuals.

“Understandably, being reported to the police as a suspected nuclear terrorist has come as something of a shock to me,” stated Henry Smith. “So in the spirit of ‘If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear,’ here is what was on the whiteboards when they did their inspection.”

Henry Smith's Whiteboard Diagram #3
Henry Smith’s Whiteboard Diagram #3

Fortunate for Henry, the authorities have yet to act upon the call, something that could have easily turned into a dawn raid much like our very own no-knock raids.

Article by Justin Stakes
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7 years ago

The Brits must have thought this was a chance to recapture the ‘Colonies’. LOL