Whiplash! For Every Action, There is an Equal & Opposite Reaction

By Alan Chwick and Joanne Eisen

AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

New York – –-(Ammoland.com)- We free American people, having access to many choices of information sources, have come to a decision.

We agree with our Founding Fathers. Today's politicians are aware of the American decision. We are now armed to the rafters and that cannot be undone.

Our fearful relatives and friends see the benefits of an immediate and powerful response to a dangerous situation. Even our complacent relatives and friends acknowledge the possibility of violence in their gated communities.

But, a minority of gun phobes and friends of New York's former Mayor Bloomberg can't let go of their failed agenda, while still admitting that their policies do not work! Dave Kopel, author, teacher and Second Amendment lawyer, notes that the anti gun folks have abandoned their focus on the ‘assault gun' ban.

Even former President Clinton joked that folks “bought the NRA's theory that we would all be safer if everybody in this audience had a gun that was a concealed weapon… Then if one of them felt threatened by another, they could stand up right here and stand their ground.” Putting the humor aside, they have changed their focus from the ‘assault gun' to the destruction of innocent, peaceful, hard working citizens who dare to own a gun.

One of those innocent, peaceful, hard working, gun owning citizens is Brian Aitken. In Brian's case, the excuse used to persecute and jail him was the possession of a firearm, a high capacity magazine and hollow point ammunition, which were found during his move from one abode to another. Because of a biased judge, Brian was sentenced to 7 years in New Jersey, in 2010. The New Jersey Appellate Court, in 2011, reversed counts 1 and 2, but affirmed the conviction on the third count of possessing ”prohibited” ammunition (“Dum-Dums”).

Brian, now a felon and father, lost his right to visit his son. He sat down and wrote a book titled, “The Blue Tent Sky” ( tiny.cc/ynw3mx ), which leaves a record of what happened for his son. In the book, he doesn't use emotional words that tug at our heartstrings; he just tells the story of how he was sentenced to seven years in prison and why he is not permitted visitation.

His quietly written truth shouts at us. The account of events and the unembellished documentation of court visits are all one needs to wonder about our American justice system. And to know for a fact that we have enemies, and that they have lost their precious love for our country, not to mention their moral compasses.

Brian Aitken isn't the only innocent oppressed person. Shaneen Allen, a victim of two robberies, is a new handgun owner of a weapon that is legal in Pennsylvania. Traveling to her child's birthday party in New Jersey, she was stopped by a police officer for a change of lane traffic offense. She ended up facing three to five years in prison.

The magnificent outcry from us and our friends forced a reversal of action by authorities, who are now in a quandary. There are approximately 500 to 1,000 similar cases that could be affected. This means that in New Jersey, there are at least 500 additional victims of abuse due to zealous prosecution of angry people who are lashing out at us because their policies don't work.

Here in New York, 22 year old Brenden Morgan was charged with criminal possession of a weapon that was legal before the SAFE Act went into effect. The SAFE Act is essentially an ‘assault weapons' ban. There are potentially hundreds of thousands of others who ignored the new ban on assault weapons in New York, not counting other states with similar vicious new laws.

Why do our enemies acknowledge that ‘assault weapon‘ bans don't work, yet they use ”assault weapon” bans to destroy our lives? How evil have their agendas become in their quest to disarm us?

Brian Aitken, though, has not given up. And neither should we. He has petitioned the Supreme Court of the United States to hear his case, but, at this time, they have refused to hear the case. Brian hasn't stopped fighting, and he hasn't lost hope for the future of America.

Brian, also, has reminded us about the powerful courtroom weapon of jury nullification. Nullification means that the juror is higher and stronger than the judge or his charge to the jury. The juror is higher and stronger than the prosecutor. And, they are higher and stronger than even the law, as the U.S. Constitution, in the jury room, assures us that each individual juror is truly sovereign. Our enemies will not, and do not, play fair, but we can utilize jury nullification knowledge to effect correction on the system. We have been prevented from knowing how powerful we jurors are, but the information is spreading.

The antis’ failed agenda, abandoned focus on ‘assault weapons’ – hence, the whiplash of the use of the legal system against gun owning citizens.


About the Authors:
Mr. Alan J. Chwick received a B.S. from the State University of New York at Albany in Business Administration and Data Processing, as well as an A.S. from Nassau Community College in Accounting. He has been involved with firearms much of his life, and is currently the Managing Coach of the Freeport Junior Club at the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association. Alan is extremely active in defending the Second Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights in the political arena in Nassau County, New York State, and the U.S.

Dr. Joanne D. Eisen received her B.A. from Queens College, City University of New York, in Chemistry/Biology. She earned her D.D.S. degree from New York University in 1966. Since then, Joanne has been engaged full-time in the private practice of dentistry in Old Bethpage, New York. She has been a long-time advocate and prolific writer in defense of American’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The current primary focus of the writers’ research is the importance of the Second Amendment to the preservation of our American Constitutional liberties.

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