Winchester Long Beard XR Ammo Sets New World Record in NWTF Still Target Competition

Bobby Sears
12 Gauge Hunter: Bobby Sears (Hazelhurst, GA), and new world record holder.
Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition

East Alton, IL – -(  Fall is officially here…the World Series is over, professional and college football games are in full swing, and competitors in the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Still Target Competition have set world records with Winchester Long Beard XR turkey ammunition.

Not just once, but three times, and in Long Beard XR’s first year of competition.

It’s safe to say Winchester rose to the top of the innovation platform yet again by dominating competitive and hi-dense loads. Winning the 12-gauge Open Division and winning the 12-gauge Hunter Division with 54 pellets in a three-inch circle at a distance of 40 yards, is impressive to say the least, but setting a new world record knocks it out of the park.

Introduced in 2014, Long Beard XR quickly became a turkey slamming game changer while turning hunters into true believers.

  • 12 Gauge Hunter: Bobby Sears (Hazelhurst, GA), new world record holder
  • 12 Gauge Open: Scott Kirsch (Plainfield, IN)

“We knew we had something truly innovative with Long Beard XR,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing, sales and strategy.

“To be able to see our product completely dominate the competition, shatter the current record and set a brand new world record, makes us very proud.”

Be on the lookout in 2015 for Long Beard XR Magnum loads featuring Shot-Lok technology, offering the tightest patterns and longest shot capability of any lead turkey load in history. It will be available in 12 gauge, 3 inch, 1 7/8 ounce shot and 12 gauge, 3 ½ inch, 2 1/8 ounce shot both in shot sizes 4, 5 and 6.

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Winchester Long Beard XR Ammunition
Winchester Long Beard XR Ammunition