Anti Gun State Lawmakers Launch Gun Control Coalition

Democratic New York State Assembly member Brian Kavanagh
Democratic New York State Assembly member Brian Kavanagh
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-(Reuters) – Mostly Democrat State lawmakers have launched a nationwide non-partisan coalition to combat gun violence, in part because the Congress has failed to reform gun laws, members of the group said on Monday.

Some 200 lawmakers from 50 states have joined the alliance, American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention, said the group’s founder, Democratic New York State Assembly member Brian Kavanagh.

Kavanagh told a news conference the group would focus on state-level gun control reforms, including the prevention of interstate gun trafficking and tightening background checks on buyers.

“Congress has “failed in its responsibility” to prevent gun violence”, said Jose Rodriguez, a Democratic state senator from Texas.

“We can’t continue in the same path that we’ve been in as a country,” he said.

President Barack Obama had vowed to expand Federal Gun Control in an effort “curb gun violence” after a mentally disturbed 20-year-old shooter killed 26 people, mostly children, at a Connecticut school in 2012. But the Senate rejected his proposal for wider background checks for gun buyers.

Lawmakers from eight states were at the news conference, including Virginia, Alabama, New Hampshire and Kansas. The one, Republican lawmaker was state Representative Barbara Bollier from Kansas.

“We are a diverse group from red and blue states, and I am convinced our collective action will have an impact,” said state Representative Stacey Newman, a Democrat from Missouri.

The group has not released information on its preliminary donors, but Kavanagh said fundraising efforts were under way. Members are scheduled to hold their first meeting on Tuesday.

The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence said last year that states had led the way in passing gun-control laws, it said.

Eight states, headed by California, enacted major attacks on your rights in the form of so called “reforms” since the Connecticut killings.

Misinformed voters in Washington state last month also approved legislation to expand background checks for gun buyers.

The National Institute for Money in State Politics, in Helena, Montana, said last year that fewer than 10 percent of gun control measures introduced in state legislatures after mass shootings in 2012 became law.

Opponents of gun control outspent gun control advocates in the 2011-12 election cycle by about $800,000 to $21,000, institute figures show. More than half the pro freedom contributions were from the National Rifle Association, the powerful grassroots gun rights lobby.

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Time for a lot of more pink slips in the next election!!!


He’s makin’ a list, and checkin’ it twice; gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town!

ray hampton

I wish to see the 200 names from the 50 states , WILL someone publish the names on this site


Gun control activist battle cry is gun violence. If it had anything to do with ending gun violence they would of taken steps to disarm the criminals responsible for it. Instead they go after the Law Abiding citizens to disarm them, not to end gun violence, but as a means to control the populace. Only the Communist in office wants that.


Democracy is broken when the will of the majority is ignored. This anti-gun coalition is clearly not a majority. If people wanted more gun control the Democrats would have won, not lost, congressional seats this past November.


First of all, it’s not misinformed Washington voters, it’s demands king county//seattle voters.
Secondly, somebody needs to post a “this house has no guns” sign in this NY douchebags front yard


“Congress has “failed in its responsibility” to prevent gun violence”, said Jose Rodriguez, a Democratic state senator from Texas.

Not their Job.


They are counting on those who support the Constitution and freedom to try to rationalize what these anti-Constitution types are doing. It will be in he next 50 or so years before the country as anyone who grew up in the 1970s80s will not recognize it. Liberals and their ilk fight much harder for their twisted views than do conservatives–just the nature of the beast.


Brian Kavanagh is a lawyer who was part of the legal team that won death row clemency for a Virginia inmate .
He likes criminals , wants to disarm law abiding citizens. Sleazy politician nothing more and most likely trying to stay in Bloomberg’s pocket . People need to wake up realize cops are not there to protect you , they pick up the body parts. ONLY YOU will protect YOU !
Look at Ferguson riots the businesses with armed security and owners went untouched while disarmed businesses burned like a campfire.


Keep your grubby paws off of our guns and our freedom you scumbags.


I would love/need to see a list of these 200 state lawmakers by office (Sen. or Rep.), state, and party. Please?!!


Yes, the 200 lawmakers should be named on a very public list! They days in office would be numbered


I agree post list of these 200 state lawmakers by office (Sen. or Rep.), state, and party

Gene Hull

I am now 83. I’ve been a democrat most of my life.
With their demonstrated stupidity about guns, I believe they can not be trusted to have any sense about ANYTHING!
I will now vote for a democrat only after he disowns the democrat’s stupid stand on guns.