Apply for a Turkey Hunting Permit in Utah

You can apply starting Dec. 3

Wild Turkey Fall Hunting Season
Utah Turkey Hunting Season
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR)
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR)

Salt Lake City, UT -( Even though snow has barely touched the ground in some areas in Utah, one group of Utahns — the state’s turkey hunters — are already preparing for next spring.

And they have lots of reasons to be excited about next spring. Growing turkey populations are allowing Division of Wildlife Resources biologists to recommend more limited-entry turkey hunting permits for the 2015 hunt.

“Turkey populations are doing really well in Utah,” says Jason Robinson, upland game coordinator for the DWR. “That means more opportunities to view and hunt the birds.”

Applications to hunt wild turkeys during Utah’s spring limited-entry hunt will be accepted starting Dec. 3. You can apply online. Your application must be received no later than 11 p.m. on Dec. 29 to be entered in the draw for permits. The limited-entry hunt will be held in April.

The following permits are available for each of the Division of Wildlife Resources’ five regions:

Region / Number of Permits:

  • Northern / 581
  • Central / 522
  • Northeastern / 321
  • Southeastern / 389
  • Southern / 1,608

General statewide hunt

  • If you don’t draw one of the 3,421 limited-entry permits, don’t pack your gun away — you can still hunt turkeys this spring.
  • Permits for Utah’s general statewide turkey hunt go on sale Feb. 12. Permits for the general statewide hunt are not limited in number, so you’ll have no problem getting one.

The general statewide hunt will be held in May.

Turkey guidebook

You can also get a copy at DWR offices and from hunting and fishing license agents across Utah.


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