AR-15 Podcast 102 – Naughty or nice? – The Gift Episode

AR-15 Podcast
AR-15 Podcast

DeKalb, Illinois – -( J.W. Ramp is back from hiatus and rejoins Reed and Anthony for this week’s episode of the AR-15 Podcast. Episode 102 is the gift episode–have you been naughty or nice?

The guys list their top ten gift ideas for the discerning black rifle enthusiast.

This week’s product of the week is the Sparc II Red Dot by Vortex Optics. This  modestly priced optic is a 1x magnification and weighs in at just under six ounces. Check out Brownells  for details. Items that made the cut range from optics to magazines. One idea that appeared on more than one list were steel targets. Great for immediate feedback and generally very fun.

Number ten on Reed’s list is the Bravo Company Gunfighter vertical foregrip.  This foregrip variant allows for the traditional use as well as the “C clamp” grip advocated by many trainers. J.W. and Anthony have dueling opinions about which type of lubricants to use, but both Frog Lube ( )  and Fireclean ( ) made the cut. We’ll let listeners decide for themselves which they prefer.  Other items eyeballed for gift ideas included ear protection, paint stencils, slings, scopes, Cerakoating. Be sure to check out the show notes for the full list, complete with links, from each panelist.

As always, Brownells makes this show possible so shop Brownells for all your AR15 parts and accessories by following the link. Anthony Hardy is attending an Appleseed event to cement some rifle fundamentals. The AR-15 Podcast cast are training enthusiasts and encourage everyone, from beginner to advanced, to take training in your area when possible.

Listen to the entire episode at for the tip of the week and as always listener feedback. The hosts at the AR-15 Podcast, want to hear what you, the listener, think so be sure to tune in and let us know what you’d like to hear, what we’re doing right, and how we can improve!

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