BoreSmith Awarded Patents in the USA for Its Unique Triangle Patch and Cleaning Tools

Rigel Products Cleaning Tools
Rigel Products Cleaning Tools
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Gardena, CA -( Today Boresmith announces that the United States Patent Office has awarded utility patents on two of their unique firearm bore cleaning tools.

Patents were issued for both the Triangle Patch as well as the JagBrush. When used together, the products create a dual­action system that allows the user to get the barrel Cleaner Faster! These two products were designed by Shane Smith, a mathematician and physicist who used his education and firearm knowledge to create a better spin on age old bore cleaning methods.

The shape of the Triangle Patch works better than standard square or round patches in that it will stay tight throughout the bore but will never get stuck. It is made from cotton that is 100% grown in the USA and is manufactured at their factory in Gardena California. The Triangle patch can be used with a standard high quality jag but works best when paired with BoreSmiths JagBrush. The JagBrush is like a standard bore brush but has two different diameters when it comes to the bristles.

Bristles in the front are smaller, while the rear bristles are similar length to a standard bore brush. When a patch is pushed through the bore using a JagBrush, the smaller bristles will grab the patch, leaving the longer bristles exposed and creating a dual­action wiping and brushing system.

“We are thrilled that the US Patent Office has awarded us with these patents,” says Shane Smith, Chief Operating Officer of BoreSmith. “I created these tools to allow the user to get their firearms cleaner, faster, and without causing unnecessary damage in the process. I started designing these products after getting a standard jag and patch stuck in my rifle barrel after a day at the range. It became apparent to me that shooters cause more damage to their guns from improper cleaning then by shooting them. At BoreSmith, we strive to develop and produce superior cleaning tools that help firearm owners protect their investments.”

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