Chris Cheng Launches ‘The Second Scoop’ YouTube Series ~ Video

Chris Cheng Launches 'The Second Scoop' YouTube Series
Chris Cheng Launches ‘The Second Scoop’ YouTube Series

USA –-(  Chris Cheng, History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 Champion, and NRA NEWS Commentator, recently launched a new YouTube series, “Second Scoop,” with a focus on positive gun news and 2nd Amendment updates.

Watch the series at Top Shot Chris YouTube Channel:

“I started ‘The Second Scoop’ as I feel there is a need for an insightful – yet brief – video series on this week’s top gun stories.  There aren’t enough major media outlets pushing our message, so we have to do it ourselves, which is why I always have a “Good Guy with a Gun” story in my weekly roundup,” said Cheng.

The series already has five shows wrapped and grew its audience by 100 percent with last week’s show featuring the Ferguson riots, the new Taurus Curve and a “Good Gal with a Gun” story.

A new episode is released on Tuesday of each week.

“Every 4-6 minute weekly show is what I see as noteworthy for the average gun owner to know,” said Cheng. “Tune in every Tuesday for your serving of ‘The Second Scoop!’”

About Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng's "Shoot to Win"
Chris Cheng’s “Shoot to Win”

Chris Cheng won the title of “Top Shot,” a $100,000 cash prize, and a professional marksman contract with the show sponsor, Bass Pro Shops.

How did a tech support guy who didn’t shoot a lot of guns beat out seventeen other competitors—including seasoned military veterans, law enforcement officers, and pro marksmen—in History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4?

Shoot to Win , a book for beginning marksmen, provides world-class instruction on pistol, rifle, and shotgun fundamentals, as well as fun and interesting insights into the Top Shot experience. Shoot to Win sold out of its first run, and is well on its way to becoming the premier, must-have resource for beginning marksmen.

With a foreword written by Top Shot season 3 champion Dustin Ellermann and an afterword written by the original Top Shot champion Iain Harrison, Shoot to Win is sure to please shooters of all stripes, but especially fans of History Channel’s program Top Shot.

Learn more about Cheng at http://TopShotChris.Com and http://Facebook.Com/TopShotChris