Comedian Bill Engvall to Perform at SHOT Show State of the Industry Dinner

Comedian Bill Engvall
Comedian Bill Engvall to Perform at the SHOT Show
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

Las Vegas, NV -( He’s a hunter. He’s a target shooter. He’s one of the top comedians in America today — and among the busiest. He’ll also be our 2015 SHOT Show State of the Industry featured entertainer.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is pleased to announce that comedian Bill Engvall will perform at the SHOT Show’s annual State of the Industry Dinner, set for Jan. 20, the first evening of the show in Las Vegas. Engvall has starred in numerous television shows, including solo specials, and appeared in several feature films.

He is perhaps best known as part of the enormously successful Blue Collar Comedy concert films, which have sold more than 9 million units and are some of the most watched movies and special in Comedy Central history. The soundtrack for Blue Collar Comedy Tour — One For The Road (Warner Bros./Jack Records) was also nominated for a Grammy Award. This fall, he appeared on the top TV hit, “Dancing with the Stars.”

“We are extremely happy that Bill Engvall has agreed to perform at the SHOT Show’s State of the Industry Dinner,” said NSSF President Steve Sanetti. “Bill has been at the SHOT Show before and proudly supports America’s hunting and recreational shooting traditions, so he knows that a full house will warmly welcome him.”

The largest trade show of its kind in the world and the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas, the SHOT Show features more than 1,600 exhibitors filling booth space covering 630,000 net square feet. The show, which is a trade-only event, attracts more than 65,000 industry professionals from all 50 states and 100 countries.

Attendance at the SHOT Show is restricted to professionals in the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. The show is not open to the public.

About The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 10,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. For more information, visit

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So first we have a fair weather friend, Leno, pull out after getting heat from Demanding Women. Now we get a Fudd, Engvall to appear at the largest gun trade show we have? Really? We could not find an entertainer who doesn’t have a problem throwing fellow gun owners under the bus?


You make an excellent point. I now remember the interview where Bill “Fudd” Engval stepped on his unit. Why are these firearms industry people so desperate to be entertained? Who’s next? Jim Zumbo as distinguished speaker?

Capn Jack

Cartridges are safer in a magazine than rattling around in your pocket.

Personally, when hunting in (5 Rnd.) states, I carry an extra magazine in my pocket.


If someone asked me about mag capacity and MSR’s , I would tell them I put bullets in til they stop fillin up , If they ask how many bullets are in my mag? I tell em can’t count past 10 without taking my shoes off, and you dont want me to go to 21.


I have always loved Bill’s act and still do. It is a shame he shot himself in the foot (pun intended) in the interview where he responded to the (probably baited) question about modern sporting rifles. The fact that he doesn’t see a need for standard capacity MSRs does not diminish my appreciation of his comedic talent. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how misguided.