Court Rules: Knives Are Arms Protected Under 2nd Amendment

Connecticut Supreme Court Decision in Knife Case Affirms Second Amendment Status & Rights

Knives Are Arms Protected Under 2nd Amendment
Knives Are Arms Protected Under 2nd Amendment

Gilbert, AZ –-( Since its inception, Knife Rights has had as a foundational position that knives are arms protected by the Second Amendment. Our logo includes the declaration, “Essential Tool – Essential Rights.”

However, actual court rulings on this issue are always appreciated. Recently, the Connecticut Supreme Court has affirmed that knives are arms protected by the Second Amendment in a case with potential wider implications.

In its decision overturning a prior conviction, the Court held that “the second amendment protects the defendant’s right to possess the dirk knife … in his home and, second, that the statute’s complete ban on transporting those items between residences unduly burdens that right.” The Court further said, “[t]hus, the safe transportation of weapons protected by the second amendment is an essential corollary of the right to possess them in the home for self-defense when such transportation is necessary to effectuate that right.”

The case revolved around the transportation of the defendant’s weapons collection including knives between a former residence in Connecticut to his new residence in Massachusetts. The defendant was originally convicted for having a weapon in a motor vehicle, a violation of Connecticut’s harsh anti-weapons laws.

Click here to read the Court’s decision.

For more on the issue including the first detailed scholarly analysis of knives and the Second Amendment published earlier this year, see:

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First of all why would anyone travel the east coast? Full of idiot cops when it comes to arms, liberal ass judges and prosecutors….Nope for me the east coast does not exist in my future. There is NOTHING in Conneticut, NJ, NY, Maryland ( fairly land) RI, New Hampshire,,,,,


This conversation is so asinine it is almost beyond comprehension. Those who are too STUPID to understand arms means ANY weapon and need a judge to explain it to them, need psychiatric care as they are to inept to function in the real world, and should be barred from public service at ANY level.


It’s my understanding that a Dirk is defined as a two edged long bladed thrusting dagger, used by naval officers. How does that apply to other edged weapons…


Sorry, a dirk is not necessarly a dagger, a dirk can be tool or weapon with one edge or two. A dagger has two matching edges and is only a weapon. Almost all laws forbidding these knives call out Dirks and Daggers, probably thinking of the very large Scots Dirk, a 14 or 16 inch single edge weapon – tool of the 14th to 18th Century.