Does the World Want a Bulletproof Baseball Cap? This Kickstarter Will Find Out

How Do You Find Out if People Like Your Invention?

BulletSafe Baseball Cap
BulletSafe Baseball Cap
BulletSafe Logo

Troy, MI -( We have an invention. It is a bulletproof baseball cap and we are launching it with Kickstarter, a crowd funding platform.

If people like it, they will preorder it and we will make it. If no one likes it, we won’t make it. It’s a bit dramatic and the entire drama will play out over the next 39 days.

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap uses materials that are normally used to stop rifle rounds, to create a compact panel that will stop handgun fire in the front of a baseball cap. The result is a discreet, friendly form of frontal protection that could help Police and Security professionals stay safe and keep the peace.

BulletSafe Baseball Cap
BulletSafe Baseball Cap Pricing
  • Do People want it? We don’t know.
  • Is it worth the asking price of $129 ($99 if preordered on Kickstarter)? We don’t know.
  • Will people believe it will work? We don’t know.

Will it work? Yes. We successfully tested a prototype with the same size, thickness, and materials. It worked very well.

Are we going to find out? Yes. The Kickstarter process will answer all of the unknowns. People get to vote with their wallets and if they like the product, they will buy it. Our campaign page explains the product and people can pre-order the caps at a discount. If the campaign is well liked, it will reach its financial goal and we will put the BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap into production. If the campaign does not reach its goal, no one’s credit card will be charged.

Follow the Kickstarter project here to see how it is going. The project launched a little less than 24 hours ago and will continue to take pre-orders until the Tuesday after SHOT Show.

We will have some prototypes in our booth (#616) at SHOT Show for you to try on.

Getting Ready for SHOT Show – See Us At Booth 616.

Not only will we have the bulletproof baseball cap at SHOT Show, but we will also be introducing four other new products. This might make our booth a must-see. We are located downstairs in Booth #616 near Columbia River Knives.

We will also be attending the Army Navy Military Expo, The National Prepper’s Expo, and The Worldwide Buyers Show and hope to see you during the winter months.

About was launched by the team at PriveCo Inc. and Tom Nardone, PriveCo’s CEO. Tom is a former military equipment Test Engineer with extensive experience testing the ballistics capabilities of mechanical components. Mr. Nardone is taking the challenge of delivering great ballistics protection gear at an affordable price. He ensures that the products we sell are safe, meet the test standards, and are offered at a great price.

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If you want that kind of protection you wear a thing called a ‘helmet’! LOL

Dr Dave

This is CRAZY. Sure the material isn’t completely perforated but the wearer is still VERY dead. The hat actually might have made it in fact worse. As the hat distributed the force over a two to three size increase the underlying bone would surely have shattered causing at minimal dural/subdural hematomas but the impact would have caused much more brain damages. Surely depending on caliber fatal damage. If there was no hat there would definitely be a hole but depending on caliber and bullet nature it might have been a thru and thru and the he might have lived. The… Read more »


Looks like another guy that wants to live off crowdfunding for a year or two.
If you don’t know the person directly I won’t help crowdfund anything. All it is high tech begging for a pet project with no oversight.


This won’t sale big ! Nobody gonna make a million bucks with this nonsense here.



Bob Sadtler

David, +1!


It is not a practical idea. The indentation in the hat will translate to an indentation in the skull of the wearer. For a real test, use a real skull (dead, of course) or a similarly fragile material, and not a plastic foam dummy. Additionally, once hit, even if no skull damage occurred, the wearer would be massively stunned or unconscious, rendering him unable to defend himself. The shooter could simply walk up and finish the poor guy off at his leisure. To be effective, the hat would have to be very heavy and conspicuous, like a helmet. Of course,… Read more »

David: San Antonio

NUTS. Even IF the round doesn’t penetrate the hat…the impact, alone, would shatter the skull. Ever seen the impact marks on someone who was wearing a ballistic vest(soft, not plates)? Not pretty. The hat might survive…the wearer won’t.


wouldn’t the impact from the bullet still fracture the skull creating lethal injury?


I was thinking the exact same thing.. 10 feet with a 45 would darn near break your neck.

Alex Bravo

I want one please

Dr Dave

I hope only for a target that you can hang in a tree to take pot shots on. This will render NO positive value and in fact most probably will make the injury worse if not even fatal. Dr Dave