Gletcher Offically Launches


New York, NY -( Gletcher, a brand under Sport Manufacturing Group Inc. that specializes in the production of pneumatic replica firearms, officially launches their website this week.

Consumers may now purchase the Gletcher Co2 pistols and accessories at

Gletcher has a large collection of Co2 pistols that will appeal to most air gun enthusiasts such as their unique Russian Legacy models, a rifled revolvers series, as well as classic and modern pneumatic firearms.

The visitors can scroll through dozens of real copy replica Co2 pistols and learn additional details and prices of each one.

The website also offers a variety of pneumatic firearm accessories such as safety glasses, Co2 cartridges, BB’s, Pellets, and much more. Please visit the website to learn more about Gletcher and to view new and current models.

About Gletcher:
Gletcher is a brand under SMG Inc. that associates with real pneumatic weapon enthusiasts with a goal to make a product, which absolutely fulfills the demands of their customers. Gletcher produces top quality replica air guns with meticulous attention to detail. They also provide an individual with the opportunity to attain new skills, train the reflexive skills they already possess as well as provide just plain fun! For more information, visit

About SMG Inc.
SMG Inc. is an American company established in 2008. They specialize in the production of pneumatic guns under the brand “Gletcher”, as well as tactical and outdoor knives under the brand “Steel Will Knives”. SMG prides themselves on making products with the highest level of performance, quality, and craftsmanship. For more information on their entire line of products, please visit