Attention Hunters – Hunters for the Hungry Desperately Need Help

A Truck load of venison on it way to feed those in need.
A Truck load of venison on it way to feed those in need.
Hunters for the Hungry
Hunters for the Hungry

Virginia – -( As of the first week of December, the Hunters for the Hungry (HFTH)program finds itself at a 17 year low in the number of pounds of venison it has been able to make available to those who are hungry in our state.

Gary Arrington, HFTH Special Projects Coordinator noted that , ” Due to the extremely low number of deer donations, we have been unable to provide any meat to about 33% of the agencies we would normally give meat to, with the remaining groups who depend on our program receiving significantly less meat than in years past.”

“This means many children and elderly are not getting the high protein resource of venison in their meals. This is a great opportunity for all hunters to “give back” to their community and to promote the hunting heritage in the most positive of ways!”

During this season of giving, HFTH is asking every hunter, hunting group or club, to commit to harvesting a deer, or two, or more if so blessed and to donate those deer to the HFTH program.

To find locations to donate  your harvested deer or to make a financial contribution to cover processing costs, call: 1-800-352-4868 or visit:

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Jerry L. Neider

I think this is a wonderful program. I wish that more states would follow this lead and empower those who can hunt to hunt for those who cannot. Too many people are going hungry in this country for all of the wrong reasons. Good on you for promoting this program……