Italian Gun Grease Offers Tactical Lubricant™ For Extreme Conditions

Shoot fast and shoot straight in extreme combat and competition conditions with Italian Gun Grease’s Tactical Formula.

Soldiers operating in extreme conditions
Tactical Lubricant is perfect for extreme conditions


Italian Gun Grease
Italian Gun Grease

Spring Hill, Tenn. ( – Italian Gun Grease (IGG), leaders in the field of firearms lubricants and cleaners, offer shooting enthusiasts its Tactical Lubricant™ Formula. Italian Gun Grease’s Tactical Lubricant™ was engineered for use in extreme conditions, conditions that other lubricants simply can’t handle. In a combat situation or shooting competition it’s important that your gun shoots straight and fast every time. The Tactical Formula penetrates deep into the metal itself leaving a slick surface that inhibits carbon, copper and lead build up. Italian Gun Grease’s Tactical Lubricant™ reduces friction, increases muzzle velocity, lowers standard deviation, reduces malfunctions and extends the life of a firearm.

IGG Tactical Lubricant
Italian Gun Grease Tactical Lubricant

“I run my guns fast and I need something thin enough to work smoothly but also hold up to the abuse and heat… Italian Gun Grease is all I use, period,” said Italian Gun Grease sponsored shooter and current IPSC World Champion Max Michel.

The Tactical Formula uses state-of-the-art HSM Technology (heat seeking molecule) and it won’t burn off in even the most extreme temperatures. It has a working temperature of -40 to 1000 degrees.

The Tactical Lubricant Formula is available in various amounts starting at the 2oz size. The 2oz size MSRP is $7.95.

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About Italian Gun Grease:

It is Italian Gun Grease’s primary mission to significantly elevate the industry performance standards in regard to lubricants, cleaners and other products that we introduce to the sporting, competitive shooting and tactical firearm markets. By utilizing our highly talented team of technical experts (with over 300 years of combined experience), we have developed, and will continue to develop, state-of-the-art green technologies that give our clients a noticeable and valuable advantage. Our goal is to be recognized as the premier provider in knowledge and excellence. For more information, please visit