Mi Wildlife Council Makes Strides In Promoting Role of Sportsmen in Conservation

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Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Michigan -(Ammoland.com)- Just four months after its first official meeting, the Michigan Wildlife Council is moving firmly ahead on a statewide information campaign focused on elevating awareness about the importance of Michigan’s hunting, fishing and trapping traditions to wildlife and habitat management statewide.

Earlier this week, the council released its request for proposals from qualified marketing and advertising firms that can develop, implement and manage the campaign.

Under the direction of the Michigan Wildlife Council, the firm will collect, compile and analyze baseline research to understand the public’s attitudes and perceptions about hunting, fishing and trapping and the benefits derived from these activities. Those findings will help to shape an information campaign that will incorporate brand identification, key messaging and creative imagery.

“Our main goal with this campaign is to build awareness of the essential role that sportsmen and sportswomen play in furthering wildlife conservation in Michigan,” said Carol Moncrieff Rose, Michigan Wildlife Council chairwoman. “We are excited to see what messages and creative products the selected firm is able to develop around what we learn from the baseline research.”

Campaign products will target Michigan residents and provide information about the values and benefits of hunting, fishing and trapping in Michigan. The campaign will tell the story of how these outdoor traditions are:

  • Necessary for the conservation, preservation and management of Michigan’s natural resources. 
  • A valued and integral part of Michigan’s cultural heritage and should forever be preserved. 
  • An important part of Michigan’s economy. 
  • A primary source of funding for the conservation and management of Michigan’s natural resources. 

“Michigan’s traditions of hunting, fishing and trapping add so much to the quality of life in this state – for all outdoor recreation enthusiasts,” Rose added. “It’s important that we effectively tell that story of how those traditions help to sustain the natural resources heritage that is such a big part of Michigan’s history, appeal and character.”

The Michigan Wildlife Council exists to inform the public of those traditions while advancing natural resources conservation and management. The council is a governor-appointed, nine-member public body established by Michigan Public Act No. 246 of 2013. It oversees the expenditures from the Michigan Wildlife Management Public Education fund, which is derived from a $1 surcharge on all Michigan hunting base licenses and fishing licenses. PA 246 establishes a maximum of $1.6 million annually for this five-year campaign.

In recent months, the Michigan Wildlife Council has completed several tasks including the adoption of governing bylaws, election of officers and development of a 2015 operational plan and budget. Learn more about the council at michiganwildlifecouncil.org.